Twitter Reacts After A Group Of Fans Abused Mohammed Siraj

Mohammed Siraj

Mohammed Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah are two of the four-Indian cricketers, who have complained to match officials about alleged racist abuse and foul language directed at them.

The first incident took place after team India endured a difficult Saturday as team Australia ended a dominant day by taking a 197-run lead in the game. Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah received racist abuse by a group of drunk supporters while they were heading towards the dugout.

Now on Sunday, six spectators were escorted from the SCG, and play was stopped for nearly 10 minutes after Mohammed Siraj complained of another instance of racial abuse from fans. Police were quick to escort the six spectators from their seats after the game was stopped by Siraj.

As per the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’, the 6 men are being interviewed by the police at the ground.

Cricket Australia condemns in the strongest terms possible all discriminatory behaviour,” said Sean Carroll, Cricket Australia’s Head of Integrity and Security. He added: “If you engage in racist abuse, you are not welcome in Australian cricket”

Meanwhile, several cricketers have expressed their anger and disappointment over the matter. Mike Hussey even called out for lifetime bans for these fans who hurled racist abuse at the Indian players. Discussing the incident while commentating on day four on Fox Sports, Hussey said:

It’s terrible behaviour and I can’t believe it’s still happening in this day and age. They should be banned for life from coming to the cricket. The Indians have come here to our shores to entertain us, play some great cricket, we should be so grateful that we can watch some live sport. To treat the players like that is unacceptable”

Shane Warne also agreed with him and called out those responsible. He said:

Disgraceful to be honest, absolutely disgraceful. Should never happen, especially with what’s happened in the last 12 months or so with everything else around the world. Let’s hope they come down heavy and find the culprits”

Former Indian cricketer, VVS Laxman also took to his twitter and expressed his disappointment over the whole incident. He wrote:

“Very unfortunate to see what’s happening at SCG. There is no place for this rubbish. Never understood the need to yell abuse at players on a sporting field.. If you’re not here to watch the game and can’t be respectful, then pls don’t come and spoil the atmosphere.”

Here, check out his tweet:

Fans on social media also expressed their frustration with the incident. Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:



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