An Open Letter To Arjun Tendulkar Before The Start Of IPL 2021

Though this world is famous for advancing in its glitz and glam, the mindset of people is still stuck in the roots of the dark ages. Anything that cannot be achieved by them and is being notched up by others will always be a subject of criticism in various shapes and sizes. This monstrosity has been stemming through their veins ever since human beings started comprehending their inability and will most likely be a primary reason for the chaos in the offing.

This will be a letter to an individual where he has been covered neck-deep in the mud of criticism in the last two days and yet the cricketing fraternity and the world have stood by him. This is my tribute to the youngster called Arjun Tendulkar.

Dear Arjun,

There was a time when I was one of those fans who used to holler at the top of his lungs when your father used to walk out in the middle to bat. Every single straight drive, every single cover drive, every single pull and those dances down the pitch to smack the cherries out of the park were met with a louder cheer than the previous one. However, it was different. It was a preconceived faith that he is the God of cricket and a God rarely fails.

Unfortunately, even in mythology, the son of a God isn’t as popular as himself and a lot more fallible than the almighty. This is a real-life sport and needs a lot more than belief. It needs blood, sweat and years of practice to reach where you have in the last two days.

The number of trolls that have been made after you notched up that prestigious call for Mumbai Indians has deluged the internet. However, do not think that this is a blotch on your identity. These trollers are nothing but a reflection of the pedigree that they possess and the illiteracy which has been bred into them ever since childhood.


The first reason why you should not pay heed to these obnoxious morons is that your achievement speaks for itself. None of the ones who have been slinging mud at you have even been a part of their intra-city tournaments. Forget the inter-state fests.

Secondly, one of the primary reasons why there is so much hatred that is being spewed at you is because people believe that you are the son of a superstar and that is the leverage that has gotten you the place on the Mumbai Indians side. However, the fact that they would never state is the diligence that you have put forth for your club to reach this level.

Thirdly, another misguided notion that has been the primary catalyst for people’s animosity towards you is their desire to see another Sachin Tendulkar. Adulation for God is rife but blind love is menacing. That is exactly why people believe that you will not be worthy enough because you cannot be another Sachin Tendulkar. It is quite obvious that there can be only God and if the audience believes that everyone in the cricketing fraternity will parallel his records, then it is insane.

Now coming to you, this is not the time to be sad for you because you aren’t accepted. Remember one thing that left-arm pacers in India are a rarity and you must nurture your rare art in the most religious ways if India is to benefit from a star in the offing. Also, to give you a heads-up, you may not be a part of the IPL matches, however, that doesn’t mean that you will be disheartened by the same.

One of the major reasons that you will take heart from this is the fact that you will have several stars that are in the ranks of Mumbai and they will be honing your skills in the most incisive ways possible. You will have several icons to look up to. Even if you fail to make it to the playing eleven, you can still be a part of the future Indian squad. That is not because Sachin Tendulkar is your father but you are a talent of your own and you have your dreams. That must matter to you.

Yours sincerely,

A die-hard cricket fan.

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