Here’s Why Sachin Tendulkar Fans Are Apologising To Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova

Fans Are Apologising To Maria Sharapova After Sachin Tendulkar’s Tweet On Farmers’ Protest: Ever since Pop sensation Rihanna and teen climate activist Greta Thunberg showed their support towards the ongoing farmers’ protest, social media has been divided into two parts – one which is supporting her and the other criticizing her.

A day after Rihana and Greta tweeted, several Indian cricketers and celebrities took to their social media and started the ‘India against propaganda’ drive-by calling for unity among the citizens of the country.

Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar also took to his Twitter and urged the citizens to shift their focus on the efforts being made by the government of India and opined that external forces can be spectators but not participants. He wrote:

“India’s sovereignty cannot be compromised. External forces can be spectators but not participants. Indians know India and should decide for India. Let’s remain united as a nation,”

Here, check out the tweet of Sachin Tendulkar:

Soon after Sachin Tendulkar shared the tweet, social media went berserk. While there were many who praised the legendary batsman, on the other hand, there were many who started criticizing the cricketer for not speaking in favor of the farmers. Many netizens came up with hilarious memes and jokes, while trolling Sachin over his tweet.

Mohammed Zubair, who is the co-founder of Alt News, took to his social media and shared a few screenshots of the comments posted by Indians on Maria Sharapova’s facebook page. In his tweet, Zubair revealed how the Indians were apologizing to Maria for trolling her seven years ago. Zubair wrote:

“Sachin fans from Kerala visit Maria Sharapova’s facebook page to say sorry for abusing her 7 years ago.. “

Here, check out the tweet:

“Dear Maria, we are sorry for the cyber attack against you in the name of Sachin,” said one user.

“That day without maturity I had posted some comments in favor of Sachin and bullied you. I am sorry Maria,” another said.

“Sorry for the attack you faced from my country back in 2014 when you said you didn’t know Sachin. Better you didn’t know him,” another person said.

For the unversed, it was in 2014 when Maria Sharapova was brutally trolled by the Indian cricket fans on social media after she revealed in a press conference that she didn’t know who Sachin Tendulkar was.  Her statement didn’t go down well with the Indian cricket fans, who later slammed the Wimbledon regular left, right and center.


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