Maxwell’s Words Hint At A Coversation Between Him And Kohli Before The Auctions Started

It was a quite a surprise when Glenn Maxwell bagged a staggering price of Rs 14.25 crores for the upcoming edition of IPL after his worst season in the tournament ever.

With Kolkata Knightriders sparking the war in the first phase, Chennai and Royal Challengers Bangalore dabbled in later and became the primary contenders for the explosive Australian who almost won Punjab the tournament single-handedly in 2014.

After a fierce war for almost 15 minutes, it was Royal Challengers Bangalore who got the big man for the highest price that he has ever received in the antiquity of the tournament.

With all said and done, a surprising quote was even more surprising that came from the big-hitting Australian just before the auctions kicked-off.

Maxwell was heard quoting, “I get along with Virat pretty well. It’ll be certainly nice to work under Virat and will certainly enjoy batting with him – that’s for sure.”

Now this definitely brings us to a questioning revelation whether this was a pre-meditated discussion in the RCB echelons that no matter what is the price, they are going for the big man.

His addition will actually be a bonus to RCB considering the fact that ABD can keep wickets and of the duo gets going in the middle, it can be disatrous for any team facing the might of the duo.

He will also be bringing in a good deal of off-spin to the side which can be extremely handy in the turning tracks of the sub-continent.

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