Ravi Shastri Revealed What He Told Team India After They Got All-Out For 36

Ravi Shastri

Ravi Shastri Revealed What He Told Team India After They Got All-Out For 36: After India was tamed by mighty Australian bowling at Adelaide that led to an unprecedented fiasco, tumbling the Indian batting line-up in no time, it was a remarkable turnaround from the visitors that defied the Australian might in the ensuing tests.

There were a lot of whispers in the Indian camps quoting the fact that this humiliation in the first Test match will be the forthcoming of an unmitigated disaster. However, what followed thereafter was the stuff of sheer mettle from the folklore that saw India turning the tide around and hammering the Australians with a remarkable shellacking at Melbourne.

What exactly happened in the dressing room after that ignominy that turned things around so drastically? In fact, the major question that loomed in front of everyone was what exactly will the preceptor, Ravi Shastri telling his wards to perform the impossible?

This is what Shastri told the boys from India that made the impossible happen

The first and foremost words from Shastri were, “Wear this 36 as a badge”. He wanted the Indian lads to remember what happened to them in the first Test match. It was more like a warning from the wounded to Batman while he was climbing the cave in the movie called ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ that fear of death can do remarkable things for us.

It was a similar speech that Shastri gave the Indian peeps, telling them that the constant reminder of the fact that why exactly is this 36 important to the aspirations of the Indian cricket team. He told them that once they remember the fact that how quickly can things turn around only if you know to accept the opportunity coming your way, the upshot will be different.

Despite slipping up in the first Test match, the Indian batters ensured the fact that they reaped the benefits of a poor display from the Australian batters and a mighty outing by the Indian bowlers. In both innings, the Indian bowlers kept things extremely tight and that compelled Australia to bow down to the Indians.

The reminder of India’s ignominy at Adelaide worked more as an impetus for the visitors to prove a point and they did that in stunning fashion. The badge of 36 was finally doffed when India trumped over Australia at Brisbane, rattling their 32-year-long streak and also their pride.

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