Royals Once Again Showing Poor Display Of Investment Lessons

If there has been a buzzer of howlers from any IPL team when it came to investments on their foreign cricketers, Rajasthan Royals will easily bag the ace.

Reprimanded for their woeful decisions in order to pick up players like Jaydev Unadkat for a staggering sum of Rs 11 crores and also spend lavishly on Ben Stokes who couldn’t even come close to the expectations saddled on to him, RR has always seem confused in the bidding wars.

This turmoil even before the season started has led a to a poor showdown in the repeated edition of the fray after a successful campaign in the opening season which saw them lifting the coveted silverware.

On a comical note when the entire Indian cricket canon is still trying to crack the Morris code that why exactly did the South African commanded the highest price in the IPL auction, anothet fact that was divulged completely changed the complexion of the deliberations.

In 2015, Rajasthan Royals bought him for a minimal Rs 1.4 crores which seemed a pretty decent amount for a bowling all-rounder bowling medium pace and swinging a good deal of willow.

However, Rajasthan wasn’t really intrigued at the prospect of using Morris any further and let him slip to the auctions.

Exactly, five years later, Morris went to Royals again just at a rate which was exponential vis-a-vis the figure that they roped him in for the last time.

If there is one thing that you need to understand from this goof-up is learn to have patience in the seeds that you sow. It will grow someday beyond your wildest expectations.


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