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Siraj’s Love For Ashwin Is Indeed A Spectacle To Cherish For Every Sports Lover


The emergence of Mohammad Siraj in the longest format of the sport has been a wondrous tale that has left the Indian fans in utter awe of him. Just before the Australia tour, Siraj lost his father but that didn’t dent his spirits at all. Not only did he come out in flying colours but he has made the entire team look up to his buoyed spirits.

Yesterday, when Ravichandran Ashwin blasted a blistering ton propelling India’s second innings lead by a whopping 481 runs, India was in a dire need of a batsman in the end who could have played a proper anchor to the innings until Ashwin managed to reach his century.

Mohammad Siraj was the last man who walked in to bat when India was stationed at 237 for 9. Siraj weathered the initial storm and started playing a few defensive strokes that evoked a lot of cheers, piling on to England’s excruciating misery.

However, that was not it for England’s word of torture. After a while, Siraj opened his arms and started dancing down the tracks to hammer a couple of beautiful strikes.

With all said and done, the most beautiful spectacle of the day was when Ashwin completed his century. Definitely, his celebration was absolutely ecstatic. However, what made this celebration even more beautiful were the elations of Mohammad Siraj at the other end.

Siraj lifted his bat and rushed to Ashwin in order to embrace him, once again highlighting the pulchritude of the emotional connect that this young lad has with the rest of the team.

Also mentioning an obvious fact that Team India is studded with stars and ego-clashes is a rife spectacle. In the age of proving oneself superior over others, such emotional bond is very rarely observed and it is this aspect of the cricketers that make a team into a family.

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