Sunil Gavaskar Trolled England With A Hilarious Remark On The Lord’s Pitch

In the first Test match when English bowlers had a cakewalk against Indian batters, not one single voice was raised in the honour of Indian batsmen struggling to find their footing. There was a deluge of accolades those were heaped on the English bowlers who were aided by uneven bounce and drastic movement on the tracks. The only bowler who stood tall and wringed out scalps with absolutely unplayable scorchers was James Anderson.

As the second Test kick-started, after India managed to pile on 329 in the first innings, England was slammed face-first on the ground as Ashwin managed to pick up a fiver that reduced the mighty Englishmen to 134 in the first innings, according a staggering lead to India.

As soon as England befell an unprecedented and an unforeseen crisis, the English pundits started hollering at the top of their lungs, underlining the fact that the English batters are the best in the world and the surface has magically risen to life and has been dancing ahead of the bowlers to cast itself as ghoulish apparitions.

This has always been a tradition from the end of the English pundits and analysts to lionize the Three Lions even if the truth suggests otherwise.

Yesterday, Michael Vaughan was schooled by Shane Warne for making such a crooked comment. One of India’s most renowned commentators and the Master Blaster, Sunil Gavskar took to the mantle today and bashed England in the most stunning fashion.

While commentating during the second Test, he cited, “When they make such pitches in England, where cows and buffaloes can come and graze, then no one complains about it”.

If this remark isn’t mordant enough to ingrain England with a lesson, nothing else would be. In the meanwhile, India is currently batting at 133 for the loss of 6 wickets with Kohli pushing India’s lead to 328.

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