Team India’s Special Fan Revealed How Virat Kohli Won His Heart

Team India’s Special Fan Revealed How Virat Kohli Won His Heart: Our Indian cricketers are one of the most followed and loved cricketers, not just in India but around the world. They have millions of fans who follow them follow them to every nook and corner of the world, just to watch them play. However, there are some fans who tend to stand out because of their loyalty to a certain player.

Today, we will introduce you to one of the most loyal and biggest fans of the Indian skipper, Virat Kohli – Nikash Kanhar, the guy who had to mortgage his mother’s jewelry to meet Virat.

Nikash Kanhar belongs to Kandhamal district in central Odisha, is a bus conductor. He has met his hero Virat Kohli several times and is often seen cheering for Virat and India during games at home. But why are we talking about him now?

Well, an old interview of Nikash has gone viral on social media, and fans are left in awe of Virat Kohli and his amazing gesture towards his superfan. The interview reveals how Nikash met Virat for the first time. Read on:

It was in the year 2014 when Kanhar made his first appearance in paint and two years later, his dream of eight years – to meet his favorite cricketer Virat Kohli came true. In an interview, Kanhar had revealed how he had to mortgage his mother’s jewelry to buy tickets for a match. The same was reported by few media houses, which later caught the attention of Virat Kohli. He revealed:

I went to watch the India England Test match in Mohali in 2016. I had mortgaged my mother’s jewelry to get the flight and match tickets. It was winter, but feeling cold was the last thing to my mind. That is when some newspaper journalists wrote about me.”

He added:

“Kohli read the report – or was informed about such a report- and met him the next day. He met with a lot of warmth. He told me that being a fan is fine but I should never do that (mortgage family jewels) for him. He asked me how much money I needed to pay to get the jewelry back, but I didn’t disclose that I told him I don’t want money I said if he can I would like to have match tickets of all India’s matches at home. Kohli agreed without second thoughts”

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