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Aakash Chopra Gives A Witty Reply To A Fan On Twitter Who Was Asking Him For His Salary

The ex-Indian cricketer turned commentator, Aakash Chopra is well known for his antics with the mic in hand, but recently when it came to replying to a fan on Twitter who was asking for his per match commentary pay, Aakash Chopra effortlessly transferred his witty thoughts on to the keyboard just like he does in the commentary box.

Aakash Chopra during his stay with the Indian International team played 10 Tests and 7 One Day Internationals. And, in those matches, he scored a total of 490 runs. But, when he made the shift to commentary and cricket broadcasting, he became an instant hit, and as the things stand today,  he has become a household name and as told earlier his commentary style has earned him a lot of fans, both when he is on air and when off it. It was one such fan, who during one of his Twitter interactions with Chopra happened to as him the question regarding his pay, the answer to which has been going viral amongst the fans of the renowned commentator.

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Aakash Chopra was named by a fan as his favourite commentator

All of this started out, when Wisden put out a Tweet on their official handle, asking the fans of the game of cricket, who their favorite cricket commentator was. To this Tweet, one fan replied, ‘Ahhh! Very easy question to answer it’s obviously one & only ?@cricketaakash Sir??#Aakashvaani #IPL2021Ahhh! Very easy question to answer it’s obviously one & only @cricketaakash Sir?? #Aakashvaani #IPL2021Ahhh! Very easy question to answer it’s obviously one & only ?@cricketaakash Sir?? #Aakashvaani #IPL2021’.

Pleased by having his name listed there, the ace commentator put out a reply with some emojis, expressing love to the fan, but it was not long before another fan came in with the question that was about to make him famous, but not in the most desired way. The fan asked,’ Sir, how much salary do you get for 1 match commentary?’ To this, Aakash replied by saying, ‘लड़की से उसकी उम्र और आदमी से उसकी तनख़्वाह नहीं पूछते, पगले’ After this, there was no cricket forum, where this Tweet by Aakash was not talked about, and words of praise for his street smart replies started doing rounds on the internet instantly.

Currently, a part of the broadcasting team for the Indian Premier League looks like Aakash Chopra has upped his Twitter game too, so his fans are surely in for some entertainment, outside of the cricketing world too.

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