Ashish Nehra Revealed The Untold Story Of Yuvraj Singh’s Battle During 2011 World Cup

Ashish Nehra Revealed The Untold Story Of Yuvraj Singh’s Battle During 2011 World Cup: Yuvraj Singh is a true hero, a champion, and a fighter. February 2012, was the time when Yuvraj Singh went public and revealed to everyone that he had Cancer, however, the symptoms started showing a long time ago. Even during the World Cup 2011, the signs were there and everyone could see. Yuvraj’s dedication towards the game was seen during the finals of 2011’s World Cup when he vomited out blood but didn’t stop playing. All he wanted was the World Cup Trophy.


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Recalling those days, former Indian cricketer Ashish Nehra said that he had no idea what Yuvraj was going through. Nehra revealed that Yuvi was telling him that he is tired and his replied to him. He also credited him for pulling off. He said:

“I had no idea he was going through pain. When we were playing the West Indies in Chennai, he was telling he was feeling tired. I told him, ‘go and sleep, you will be fine. Switch on the AC’. Even after the World Cup, when he told me in Bangalore, where I was doing rehab, I told him, ‘come let’s have biryani’. We had no idea what he was going through. Credit to him, he managed to pull off,”

Earlier during the interaction, Ashish Nehra also opened up on how he didn’t feel low when he got to know that he won’t be playing the final against Sri Lanka at the Wankhede stadium. While any player waits to represent his country and dreams of playing the World Cup final and helping his country win the World Cup, however, Ashish wasn’t that usual. He said:

“I came to know 48 hours before the final that I was not playing. When I left Chandigarh, I left thinking I’d play the final but my hand got so big that it needed surgery. By that time, I had enough experience, I was nearing 32, and I was part of the World Cup before also (in 2003),”

He added:

“No point now in sitting and crying that I could not play the World Cup final. Whichever way I could help the team, I was happy. I knew I could not go inside the field. I knew I could not field. At least I could serve water to the players. I moved on,” 

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