Delhi Capitals Has Left The Nation In Splits With This Hilarious Tweet

Delhi Capitals

Irrespective of the gentry of cricket that unfolds in India’s domestic cricketing extravaganza, IPL, the entertainment is always top-notch. May it be through a few outrageous strokes, some weird fielding attempts, a couple of out-of-the-world expressions from cricketers or management people and at times even through a few hilarious social media posts, the humour is ever-prevailing. Delhi Capitals has just brought out the bunny of their hat with one such gem.

Rishabh Pant has always been a comic character behind the stumps and his jovial nature always makes him a favourite amongst fans. He is always a cool customer in the field, chatting his way through a phalanx of serious people concentrating solely on cricket.

May it be an angry Virat Kohli glaring in the most stringent ways at him or may it be an ever-smiling Chahal applauding him for a good dismissal affected, he is always chatting in the funniest ways to keep the ambience around him cool and calm.

When he first teased Tim Paine over a dose of good-natured badinage, the world knew that one of the jolliest cricketers has arrived. Recently a video of him, teasing his Delhi team-mate in the nets, surfaced and it gained massive traction to once again prove his playful yet chivalrous nature.

Pant understands the line between rivalry and enmity. He encourages the former and that is why he is so popular amongst his fellow cricketers.

In a masterstroke of a social media post, the admin of Delhi Capitals posted a rollicking tweet that would warm the hearts of everyone in the cricketing fraternity. They highlighted the friendship and tweeted a heart-warming post to showcase the thin line of demarcation.

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