Did Quinton de Kock Break The Rule Last Night? Find Out

South African wicket-keeper batsman Quinton de Kock created a controversy last night during the 2nd ODI against Pakistan. Though his move turned out to be a game-changing one, however, it has stirred controversy.

Fakhar Zaman, who was on the verge of scripting a miraculous chase for his side and score his maiden double century, was tricked by Quinton de Kock and was dismissed in a controversial manner.

The incident took place on the first ball of the last over, when Pakistan required 31 runs to win in the last 6 balls. Fakhar was only 7 runs short of scoring his maiden double century in ODI, however, it couldn’t be fulfilled.

Zaman hit the ball towards the covers and started coming back to complete his second run however he got a little confused and the ball hit straight onto the stumps. The replays showed that de Kock fooled Zaman thereby pointing towards the non-striker’s end, which made Zaman stutter and look back, but the fielder, Aiden Markram went towards the striker’s end and ended the knock of Zaman. During his sensational knock of 155-ball 193 runs, Fakhar Zaman smashed 10 sixes and 18 fours.

Meanwhile, the run-out has triggered the ‘spirit of cricket’ debate on social media and everyone is discussing whether de Kock broke the ruled last night.

Well, the pertinent question that arises in the context of Law 41 of the Laws of Cricket 2017 (Marylebone Cricket Club) Code, which talks about the ‘Unfair Play’. Law 41.5 of the Code i.e. “Deliberate distraction, deception or obstruction of batsmen” states under 41.5.1 that it is “unfair for any fielder to willfully to attempt, by word or action, to distract, deceive or obstruct, either batsman after the striker has received the ball”.

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