Michael Vaughan Gave The Biggest Compliment To Ravindra Jadeja

Michael Vaughan Gave The Biggest Compliment To Ravindra Jadeja

India’s star all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja was on fire on the field for his team Chennai Super Kings during the match against Punjab Kings last night. He took only 2 balls to prove that why he is hailed as India’s best fielder and what exactly everyone was missing on-field in his absence.

Jadeja’s first moment of brilliance took place in the 2nd over, when the skipper of Punjab Kings KL Rahul called for a quick single after Chris Gayle hit it straight to Ravindra Jadeja at the backward point. Following some hesitation, the duo decided to go for a run, however, Jadeja just picked up the ball and smashed it directly onto the stumps. KL Rahul was dismissed for 5 as Punjab Kings suffered a big blow.

However, Jadeja wasn’t done yet. In the 4th over, Chris Gayle smashed Chahar towards the right of the backward point. Jadeja jumped towards his right to take a stunning diving catch.

Meanwhile, Jadeja has been trending on social media since last night and the fans have flooded the social media with their amazing reactions while hailing the brilliance of Sir Ravindra Jadeja. From cricketers to fans, everyone took to their social media to hail Jadeja.

Among many, former England skipper Michael Vaughan also took to his twitter and applauded the performance of Ravindra Jadeja. In his tweet, Vaughan hailed Jadeja as the greatest fielder on the Indian cricket team. He wrote:

India’s greatest ever fielder .. @imjadeja .. #Fact”

Here, check out the tweet of Michael Vaughan:

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