Ramesh Srivats Epically Trolls IPL Commentators

Ramesh Srivats IPL

The Indian Premier League has been regarded as one of the most difficult and entertaining T20 Leagues for the longest time now. But, it has not been all praise for the tournament always, as there are some who do not seem to find that amount of love towards the tournament. And, amongst one of them who recently showed their feelings towards the tournament was Ramesh Srivats, who took it to Twitter to troll IPL in an epic way.

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With its fries season being played all the way back in the year 2008, the Indian Premier League has seen it all. The tournament has seen some of the worst times that any sport could and yet have managed to come back each time, and shatter records year after year. And, with the 2021 season of the tournament underway, there is no chance that IPL is going to go out any time soon.

Ramesh Srivats took a sly dig at the commercial side of IPL

But, in the words of Ramesh Srivats, as he told on Twitter, the tournament has come to more of advertising and less of cricket. On his official handle, he wrote, ‘Being an IPL commentator is tough. You need to know about Tata Safari being legendary, Dream 11 needing dimaag, Cred giving cash back, and a little bit of cricket.’

It is no hidden fact that in the world of entertainment media, advertising is a key revenue driver, and the more the tournament is successful, the more likely it is that a plethora of advertisers would be there to get their name associated with it. Especially with the numbers it has along with it, in terms of viewership even in these testing times, it is nothing but natural for it to have so many advertisers coming in. And the obligations that come along with sponsorships that require the commentators and even the broadcasters to mention the names of the organizations sponsoring the event, causing a slight deviation from the pure cricketing action that many want.

The 2021 edition of the Indian Premier League is the second consecutive edition of the tournament, which is being held behind closed doors with no spectators coming into the stadiums, owing to the pandemic situation. But, things are better this time around as the action is close to home, as, after the last edition of IPL being held in the UAE, the tournament for 2021 was shifted back to India.

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