Tabraiz Shamsi Gave A Fitting Reply To A Fan Over Fakhar Zaman’s Run-Out

Tabraiz Shamsi Gave A Fitting Reply To A Fan Over Fakhar Zaman’s Run-Out: The 2nd ODI match between Pakistan and South Africa ended up in a controversial manner as Pakistan’s stylish opener Fakhar Zaman was tricked by Quinton de Kock, who dismissed him before he could score his maiden double hundred.

Fakhar Zaman, who was playing one of the best innings of his life was only 7 runs short of scoring his maiden double hundred, however, his dreams were shattered by South Africa’s keeper-batsman Quinton de Kock, who stopped him from scoring a well-deserved double century.

The controversial incident took place in the last over of Pakistan’s run-chase. Fakhar smashed the first ball of the last over to the long-off fielder, who threw the ball at the striker’s end. As Zaman was about to complete his second run, de Kock tricked him by pointing his hand towards the non-striker’s end.

Zaman slowed down and turned around before completing the run. de Kock didn’t take long and hit the stumps with the ball, as Zaman was dismissed for 193 runs.

Zaman’s dismissal has become one of the most talked-about topics on social media as it has triggered the ‘spirit of cricket’ debate in the cricket fraternity with several cricketers and fans talking about the dismissal.

Amidst all the discussion, South Africa spinner Tabraiz Shamsi has come out in support of de Kock and also tried to clarify the misunderstanding.  He wrote:

Just 2 clarify QDK was NOT speaking 2 or pointing at the batsman, he was asking a fielder to back up at the non-striker’s end Not Quinnys fault the batman turned around 2 see instead of completing the run safely which he should have done Stop the hate n Leave QDK alone #Peace”

Here, check out the Tweet:

In another tweet, Tabraiz slammed a Twitter user, who criticized him for backing de Kock. In his reply to the twitter user, Tabraiz stated that he was present on the field and thus, he knows better. He also claimed that it is important to back both the sides – strikers and non-strikers’, no matter where you think the throw might go. He wrote:

I was on the field and you were not… so you are the one making assumptions
He was pointing at the stumps at the non strikers end to tell the fielder to back up there
You do know we are always supposed to back up both ends right no matter where you think the throw might go?”

Here, check out his reply:

Earlier, South Africa’s white-ball skipper Temba Bavuma also came out in support of de Kock. Temba thinks that it was very clever from de Kock as he picked an important wicket. He also believes that de Kock didn’t break any rule by that dismissal. He said:

It was quite clever from Quinny. Maybe some people might criticise it for maybe not being in the spirit of the game. But it was an important wicket for us. Zaman was getting close to our target. Yeah, it was clever from Quinny,”

He added:

“You’ve always got to look for ways especially when things are not going your way, got to find ways to turn the momentum around. Quinny did that – I don’t think he broke the rules in any kind of way. It was a clever piece of cricket,”

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