This User Wrote A Brilliant Tweet To Expose Cricket’s Hypocrisy


This User Wrote A Brilliant Tweet To Expose Cricket’s Hypocrisy: Pakistan’s stylish batsman Fakhar Zaman, who played one of the best innings of his career was left heartbroken after he was dismissed in a controversial manner by South Africa’s wicketkeeper-batsman Quinton de Kock in the 2nd ODI match.

The controversial moment arrived on the first ball of the last over, when Fakhar Zaman was batting on 192 runs and smashed the ball to long-off. Aiden Markram, who was positioned there, saw the batsman going for a second run and thought of having a go at Zaman’s end.

Zaman was trying to complete his second run however he was undone by a direct hit from deep by Aiden Markram. However, later the reviews showed that de Kock tricked Zaman by raising his hands and signaling towards the non-striker’s end. Zaman slowed down to look back at the non-striker’s end and de Kock dismantled the wickets at the striker’s end.

Though, it was a game-changing moment of the match for South Africa, as Zaman was approaching close to the target. However, de Kock has found himself at the receiving end of criticism as the ‘spirit of cricket’ has been summoned in form of a Twitter debate once again after the incident. Several fans, cricketers, and experts from the cricket fraternity are giving their take on social media over the controversial dismissal.

Among many, a popular Twitter user ‘Gabbar Singh’ who is famous for his hilarious tweets and memes, also took to his Twitter and came up with a sensible take on the matter. In his tweet, he highlighted cricket’s hypocrisy and stated that as long as one is not fixing games and doing drugs, everything is fair in the game. He wrote:

Fielder can’t distract a batsman, but a batsman can play a switch hit after the delivery has been bowled.”

He added:

Deception is a part of sport. It’s called outsmarting. A penalty kick, A free kick, a tennis return from between the legs, a drop shot in badminton, a slower delivery etc. Plenty of grey area. Just don’t do drugs, Don’t fix matches, rest is fair game.”

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