Twitteratti Can’t Stop Laughing At Trent Boult’s Funny Fielding

Trent Boult

Irrespective of all the results that IPL provides you, you will never have a dearth of entertainment from the biggest domestic cricketing extravaganza. May it is through classic drives or flashy strikes, IPL will keep you hooked until the very end.

In one such funny incident, Trent Boult just surfed himself through the air in a desperate attempt to stop the ball that was struck firmly by David Warner against Krunal Pandya.

As Hyderabad was sailing hammer and tongs towards the target in the powerplay, thanks to a seraphic knock fro Jonny Bairstow and calm innings from David Warner, Krunal Pandya was introduced to bowl the 6th over. He pitched it fully and David Warner simply couldn’t preclude himself from crafting such a classic cover drive.

He got in the position and fired it through the covers that set Trent Boult on a failed chase. Now even before he started running for the ball, he already lost his balance but with a mindset of never giving up, he kept on stuttering in a surfing motion and finally crashed onto the ground with the ball racing away to the ropes.

When such hilarious moments come your way in a game that has seen some tremendous hitting from the Hyderabad batters, you are bound to be left in splits. Twitter couldn’t even stop themselves from exploding in laughter after such a hilarious incident.

There were tweets that asked Boult that what exactly was he trying to do and there were others who were inquisitive of the fact whether Boult is high on some other sports. You can watch the video here:

Here is what Twitteratti had to say from the comical moment of Boult’s surfing through the air:










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