5 IPL Players Who Have Been Called for Chucking

5 IPL Players Who Have Been Called for Chucking: Chucking is an illegal action in cricket. When the bowler straightens his arm while delivering a ball, it is called chucking. As per the rules of cricket, the rotation of the shoulder is mandatory so that the required velocity on the ball can be imparted. A bowler should never extend his arm while he is performing the bowling action. If the umpire thinks that he has chucked a ball, he can announce a non-ball in that case. Chuckling is considered illegal because this practice allows the bowler an unfair advantage. The advantage is more prominent among the spinners than the fast bowlers are.

What happens if a bowler gets reported for chucking?

If the umpire confirms that the bowler has done chucking, they mention it in their match report and submits it to the match referee. The match referred them sends a copy of the report and media statement to the team manager and ICC. The first step of the process begins with a review of the player’s action in the match. This is done by the ICC panel. They must furnish the report to ICC and conclude whether the bowler is guilty. If it is proved that the player has done the illegal action, he is suspended from international cricket until the error is remedied.

5 cricketers who are known for chucking

Some of the eminent players who had been called for chucking are:

Siddharth Trivedi – Gujarat cricket association had to face trouble at the end of 2009 due to their bowler SiddharthTrivedi. He was called by the umpires for doing the illegal act of chucking.

MohnishParmar – The Gujarat spinner MohnishParmar had confessed to the media that he was the first bowler who had to visit NCA to rectify the problem of chucking. He focused on becoming an all-rounder after he lost his efficiency in bowling and has now been playing consistently.

Rajesh Pawar – Rajesh had a good career of thirteen years with 17,394 balls in the domestic cricket tournament. However, everything failed to matter because he was called for chucking during a league match for Baroda in the year 2009. Delhi Daredevils had signed him on his comeback.

Sarandeep Singh – The player played quite well with three wickets in five one-day matches and ten wickets in three test matches for India. However, he got called for chucking during the Super League group A match which happened between Mumbai and Himachal Pradesh in November 2009.

Sachin Chaudhari – He is a 27 year old right-armed, medium-paced bowler. He started his domestic career well as he took 11 wickets against Tripura in his second match. His high hopes ended when he was called for chucking by the on-field umpires in a match against Hyderabad.

With time, there have been several changes in the world of cricket like power play, free-hit, and super-sub. Maybe at some point in time, there will be some kind of relaxation for chucking as well. People are waiting to see some kind of favorable rules for the bowlers. If you want to play cricket on your smartphone, you can download the fantasy app.





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