Here’s Why Virender Sehwag Used To Copy Sachin Tendulkar

Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag is one of the most destructive cricketers to have ever played the game of cricket. During his glorious career for India, Sehwag made and shattered multiple records across all formats. He is India’s first triple-centurion in the longest format.

The duo of Virender Sehwag alongside Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is one of India’s most established and loved opening pairs. This opening duo was the best in business with the counter-attacking style they used to give nightmares to the opposite teams.

However, when Sehwag’s career started glooming at international cricket, Sachin Tendulkar had already established himself as one of the greatest cricketers to have ever played the game. Not many are aware of the fact that Sehwag started watching the game of cricket during the 1992 edition of the ICC World Cup.

During the launch of the CRICURU App, Virender Sehwag revealed that he used to copy Sachin Tendulkar after watching him bat for the first time on a television screen during the 1992 edition of the World Cup. He said:

“Cricket is played on the ground but a lot can be learned. If I give my own example, I started watching cricket from the 1992 World Cup and at that time used to watch (Sachin) Tendulkar and copy him. How he plays the straight drives, how he plays the back-foot punch… In 1992, if I could watch TV and learn a bit, why not,”

Further, in the interaction, Sehwag said he would have started playing the game at a younger age is there were modern facilities. He said:

“But in today’s time if you have videos of these cricketers whom you admire — Ab De Villiers, Brian Lara, Chris Gayle or Virender Sehwag, or other players, then their videos are available. In our time, such videos were not available,” 

He added:

“If in my time such facilities were there like I could speak to someone online or subscribe the videos with ease, then I would have done that and could have learned better and early and could have played for India early,” 


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