5 Indian-Origin Cricketers Who Played For England

In the history of cricket, there have been many players who were born in different countries and went on to play for a different country. Today, in this article, we bring you a list of some cricketers who were born in India but went on to play for the England cricket team. Have a look:

5. Colin Cowdrey:

The former England batting legend, Colin Cowdrey was born in India in 1932 in Ooty, however, his birthplace was often misreported as Bangalore. Colin Cowdrey played a total of 144 Test games and a solitary ODI for the England cricket team.

Cowdrey was also the first cricketer ever in the history of cricket to play 100 Test matches. He was also the third leading century-maker for the England cricket team with 22 centuries alongside Wally Hammond.

After his retirement, Cowdrey also served as the Chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC) from 1989–1993.

4. Vikram Solanki:

Vikram Solanki, who represented England in 51 ODIs and 3 T20Is, was born in Rajasthan in India in 1976. However, when the cricketer turned eight, his family moved to Wolverhampton. Solanki had represented the England cricket team in 51 ODIs and 3 T20Is.

While he performed brilliantly in the domestic circuit and scored tons of runs, he couldn’t replicate the same success in the international circuit. He took retirement from the cricket world in September 2015.

3. Robin Jackman:

Robin Jackman is loved for his commentary skills more than his cricketing skills. He was born in Simla, Punjab in 1945. Though, he had a very successful domestic career but he had a very limited International career as he scalped 1402 wickets from 399 games he played in the domestic circuit. After his retirement, he entertained everyone as a commentator.

2. Bob Woolmer:

The former England cricketer and coach of the Pakistan cricket team, Bob Woolmer is originally from India. He was born in Kanpur, India on May 14, 1948. He was more successful as a coach than as a cricketer. He represented the England cricket team in a little 19 Tests and 6 ODIs for England. He breathed his last during the ICC World Cup 2007.

1. Nasser Hussain:


The legendary England skipper Nasser Hussain was born in Madras (now Chennai) in 1968. A few years later, his family moved to England in 1975. Hussain is hailed as the most successful skippers in the history of England Test cricket. He played a total of 96 Tests and 88 ODIs for England. After his retirement, he donned the role of ‘commentator.’

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