3 Times Indian Cricketers Criticised MS Dhoni Publicly

Despite MS Dhoni being one of the most remarkable cricketers and captains of the Indian cricket team, his fellow sportsmen had their own shares of skepticism and reservations against him.

A few voiced it out openly while others chose to ignore it for the greater good of the team. However, despite the bout of vitriol, the relations stayed intact and Dhoni led India to a period of unparalleled glory with two World Cups and one Champions Trophy in a span of six years.

In this story, we will take a look at three instances where cricketers criticized MS Dhoni publicly.

#1 Virender Sehwag

The Indian roster exploded as Dhoni labelled three of India’s veteran batters as slow fielders. However, in the next game of the series when Dhoni was handed with an one-match ban, Sehwag was shouldered with the captaincy and he dropped a youngster to accommodate himself, Gambhir and Tendulkar together.

In fact, Sehwag pulled off a fabulous catch in that match at the short mid-wicket position and asked MS whether he has seen Viru plucking out a screamer from the air.

#2 Gautam Gambhir

The man who played a pivotal role in helping India win the two finals in the World Cup, Gambhir himself wasn’t particularly a fan of Dhoni.

In a CB series game in 2012, Dhoni dragged a game till the very last over before smashing the winning runs. Gambhir was vocal about the fact that the Indian skipper should have nailed the match when he had the chance instead of pushing it till the dying end.

#3 Gautam Gambhir’s second tirade against Dhoni

Gambhir once stated that Dhoni was lucky to be the captain with a formidable side. He didn’t forge the team like Sourav Ganguly but he always had the best at his disposal.

His exact statement on Dhoni read, “Dhoni has been a very lucky captain because he got an amazing team in every format. Captaining the 2011 World Cup team was very easy for Dhoni because we had players like Sachin (Tendulkar), (Virender) Sehwag, myself, Yuvraj (Singh), Yusuf (Pathan), Virat (Kohli) so he had got the best teams. Ganguly had to work very hard for it, and as a result, Dhoni won so many trophies.”

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