An Indian Fan Revealed How English Fans Abused Indian Players During 1st Test

An Indian Fan Revealed How English Fans Abused Indian Players During 1st Test

The just-concluded 1st Test match between India and England had an anti-climatic ending, as rain washed out day 5 entirely. The match, which was turning out to be a high-voltage entertainer, has been hit by the reports of racial abuse by a set of English fans. Yes, you read that right.

A British Indian woman, who was present at the stadium during this incident, has revealed how a section of the English crowd was hurling racial abuse at the Indian player. The 31-year-old was attending the game with her family. Later, after the match, the woman took to her Reddit and recalled the incident. She added that the racial slurs were even aimed at her family once they chose to speak up against it.

As per the fan, when Mohammed Shami was standing near the ropes, the English fans started abusing him as “Sh**y Shami”. They even called Indian skipper Virat Kohli as ‘wa**er Kohli’, after team India was left with no DRS option.

The English crowd left no stone unturned to poke fun of Virat. “Go for the review”, they were heard saying. They even made gestures that are made when a review is taken by a particular team.

Following this, the English man asked the woman to ‘go back to India’  and this is when the woman brought the issues to a steward’s attention in the stand.  The steward took prompt action and ejected the fan from the venue. The woman and her family chose not to press any legal charges against the English fan.

The woman and her family were moved to a stand mostly populated by Indian fans. But some English fans still managed to get their voices heard from the distance. The English fans w


ere chanting “Delta”, referring to the Indian variant of the coronavirus. Meanwhile, no complaint has been filed by the Indian team as they were unaware of the whole incident.

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