Top Indian Batsmen Who Scored Most Runs Against James Anderson In England

India’s recent batting woes in the longest format of the game have been worrisome for the fans and to make it more alarming, statistics show that somewhere down the line, swing bowling has been another menacing bane for the Indian batters.

With the ball moving left and right, the Indian top-order have been disoriented and with every passing fray, the leaks in the Indian armour has bubbled up. Sadly, this fast-spreading vulnerability hasn’t really spared any Indian a dime. From Rohit Sharma to Ajinkya Rahane, everyone has crumbled down in docile submission.

Since we mentioned swing, if there is one man who does the rounds in the longest format is England’s fast bowler, James Anderson.

He has this magical capability to move the ball by a mile in both directions and that leaves even the best with absolutely zero clue of what is happening around him.

However, like the amplifying woes of the Indians, there have been instances where Anderson has been hammered left and right by the Indian batters too. Being candid, it is a rare spectacle but miracles are never meant to be frequent.

The man who has smashed Anderson the most is none other than erstwhile Indian captain, MS Dhoni. He holds a record of 248 runs that makes him the destructor-in-chief of Anderson. The men who follow suit in the second and the third place is Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar respectively.

Dravid scored 159 against Anderson while Tendulkar managed 157. Kohli’s record against Anderson is impressive but not close to what Dhoni has managed to chronicle. The current Indian captain is the master of 133 runs against the premium English fast bowler.

Dhoni has an impressive average against England which reads 33 plus with 12 half-centuries in the longer format of the game. His average in England jumps up to a staggering 37 with him smacking 8 fifties in the latter’s backyard.

In a tweet made by STATScollector, the top ten Indian run-scorers against Anderson was summed up and with Dhoni at the top, fans simply erupted into endless joy.


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