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5 Superstitions Of Famous International Cricketers

Standing in the 21st century, if you believe that superstitions are just a thing for the dark ages and are followed by people from the remote corner, you are gravely mistaken.

Illustrious cricketers have their own sets of superstitions that has done remarkable rounds across the world. Spanning from VVS Laxman’s hurried baths before coming out to bat to Steven Smith’s animated shadow batting, the cricketing world hosts a sequence of extraodinary events in the context of superstitions.

In this story, we will take a quick look at five cricketers or five incidents where superstitions reigned supreme. By the way, I myself don’t sit whenever I watch India play.

#1 Kapil Dev’s 175 at World Cup was witnessed by a bunch of statues in the dressing room

Kapil Dev

Do not worry, this ain’t a story of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. It is a story of Kapil Dev’s incredulous 175 that bailed India out of an almost assured exit and a collective display of superstition from the entire team.

India stuttering at 17 for 5 needed a God to deliver them against a formidable Zimbabwe. The Indian captain couldn’t really find a better opportunity to shine than this one and as soon as he started playing a few strokes with panache, Indian manager, Man Singh asked every Indian cricketer and staff to remain glued to their seats and were not allowed to even take a leak. The superstition clicked and Dev’s 175 plunged the match beyond Zimbabwe’s reach.

#2 Steve Waugh and his red handkerchief

It was a very rare spectacle to see Steve smile or make some fun with his teammates. He was always this stolid figure, hardwired with the hunger to win.

Guess what, the stringent visage of Steve also had a superstition hidden in his pocket and it was his red handkerchief. He always carried it with him, claiming that it was given to him by his grandmother and it brought him good luck.

#3 Mahela Jayawardene and his lucky bat

One of the most dominant batters in Sri Lankan colours who came within touching distance of the World Cup twice, Jayawardene housed a secret too.

Apparently, unless his bat broke into pieces or he needed desperately to shuffle his willow, he stuck to the same bat and even used to kiss it frequently while stitching his innings.

#4 Michael Clarke’s love for loud music

The former Australian captain, Clarke was one of the best all-rounders to grace the sport. He was a fine batsman and a decent spinner with a great blend of agility and aggression.

Coming to aggression, he always listened to loud music before coming out to bat. In an interview, he even said that loud music helped him to focus and brought him his own share of good luck. Also, I myself am an ardent believer of this. So, if you want a few suggestions, I can help too.

#5 Jumbo still believes more than his bowling it was this trick that landed him his tenner against Pakistan


Kumble holds the record of the second Ten-wicket-haul in a single innings and it came at the premium expense of Pakistan. He was the second bowler to achieve this feat with Jim Laker being the first.

Kumble observed that every single time he went to bowl and handed his sweater and cap to Sachin, it produced a wicket for him. He continued this until the very end when Laxman pouched Wasim Akram, imparting a remarkable victory to India.

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