An Angry Indian Fan Slammed Virat Kohli For Dropping Ravi Ashwin

An Angry Indian Fan Slammed Virat Kohli For Dropping Ravi Ashwin


Indian fans were left disappointed after team India once again decided not to include Ravichandran Ashwin in the playing XI for the 4th Test. Fans were really expecting Ashwin, who hasn’t made a single appearance in the ongoing series so far, to make the cut for the fourth Test at Oval, but the team had other plans.

During the toss, while announcing the changes in the squad, Virat reasoned that left-arm spinner Ravindra Jadeja is as good an option against 4 left-handers in the English line-up. He had said:

“Two changes – Ishant and Shami have niggles – Umesh and Shardul are back. For us, it’s about partnerships, we can’t focus too much on individuals. England has four left-handers, so a good match-up for Jadeja, with our seamers bowling over the wicket. Also factors in his balance at No.7. The opening partnership has been amazing for us, it’s about getting together as batsmen. A few days left on this tour, the series is poised beautifully, and no shortage of effort, for sure,”

Meanwhile, Twitter users, including fans, celebrities, and experts, expressed their dismay after not seeing Ashwin. Unimpressed with Virat’s decision, fans started trolling Virat and the team management for leaving out Ashwin once again.

Among many, a popular Twitter user who goes by the username ‘@GabbarSingh’ slammed Virat Kohli with a hard-hitting yet hilarious Tweet. In his Tweet, Gabbar slammed Virat Kohli for declaring Ashwin as useless against left-handers. For the unversed, Ashwin is the highest wicket-taker among the active spinners in the world.

Gabbar also claimed that one day when Ashwin will become the captain of the team, he should drop Kohli citing that ‘he can’t play swing’. He wrote:

“So Kohli has declared the World #2 bowler is useless against left handers.
When Ashwin becomes the captain (which will be soon) he should just drop Kohli if there is a solitary cloud in the sky. “He can’t play swing, hence dropped”
That would be fitting.”

Here, check out the Tweet:

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