Sunil Gavaskar Slammed English Media For Spreading Lies About Indian Players

Sunil Gavaskar Slammed English Media For Spreading Lies About Indian Players: The last and the fifth Test match between India and England, which was supposed to take place in Manchester was canceled after a Covid-19 scare in the visitors’ camp. The incident left both the Indian board and England board to form a mutual decision of canceling the encounter.

However, ever since the series final was canceled, several people including former England cricketers are criticizing the Indian board and team, citing that the upcoming IPL 2021 is the reason behind the cancellation of the Test. The latest one to talk on the matter is former Indian skipper Sunil Gavaskar who has backed the Indian team.

Sunil Gavaskar

Legendary Indian skipper Sunil Gavaskar slammed all the rumor-mongers and has shut down all the speculations regarding team India denying to play against England in the last and final Test match in Manchester deliberately.

In an interview with Sports Tak, Sunil Gavaskar expressed that he feels such allegations that team India didn’t want to play the 5th Test match are completely wrong and should be avoided. He said:

“Our players worked so hard to lead the series 2-1. And in Manchester, their bowlers would have been aided… why wouldn’t they want to play? They would want to play the match because they can win the series 3-1. So, I will never believe that Indian players refused to play the 5th Test,”

“If these reports are true, then the BCCI needs to officially say, that Yes, our players said that they won’t play. Else, I would request not to make such claims without any proof,”

Former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar during the Salute Sachin marathon broadcast by Aaj Tak Nehru Center in Mumbai on November 12, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

There are many who are considering Ravi Shastri’s book launch event as a potential reason behind the COVID-19 outbreak in the Indian camp. Talking about the event, Sunil Gavaskar said: “How does anyone know that it happened during the book launch?”

“Because even after the book launch, when players were tested, they were negative. From what I’ve heard, the tests that took place on the eve of the match were all negative. So, if none of our players were positive, what was the problem?”

He added:

“And reports that suggest the Indian players refused to play the match, I want to know who it was? These reports are only in English papers. They will never say or write anything good about the Indian team; they will always hold them responsible. Please find what is the truth and then point fingers,” 

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