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An Open Letter To Indian Cricket Fans

Hi, Indian fans,

I don’t know how exactly to pen this but I am still in shock that the historic streak against Pakistan was rattled. The emotions are still running wild and my head feels so heavy from a shambolic drubbing at the hands of our fiercest rivals.

Honestly, it is wise to speak as little as we can about yesterday because every single one out there wasn’t just dismal but they were at their worst and that too in a match where losing somehow feels heavier than losing out the World Cup.

But we all know that this is not the end. One who has been following sports for a while now will tell you that the maxim “dawn shows the day” is not really true on most occasions.

Things change, players have bad days in the office and even when you are at your phenomenal best, mishaps do happen.

Being a fan myself, even my heart breaks when India loses, but honestly slandering them, throwing racial slurs at them, cursing their families, issuing death threats to little kids, that is downright unacceptable.

Yesterday, our bowlers couldn’t really find the much-needed breakthroughs and Pakistan cruised to the winning line. Even though it breaks my heart to say this but they were clearly the better team and the victory undoubtedly belonged to them.

However, that is not the end of the road for India. This is just the beginning and we have the entire journey waiting ahead of us. This is one of India’s finest squads of all time and if you do not have faith in this team because of one defeat and because a historic streak was shattered, then I am sorry to say but you do not understand the game.

On the plus side, our captain seems to be in form and even if it was one ugly day for our bowlers, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will remain that way.

In case if you have forgotten the recently concluded IPL, let me remind you, the finalists of the tournament, KKR, was by no means in contention even for a 6th spot and there they were cruising in the second stage.

I know you love your country but nationalism and patriotism don’t impart you the right to be a racist or a sexist.

It is absolutely horrendous to witness the anti-national labels that have been bestowed upon Shami. Are you joking? The man has gifted us countless victories and one bad match, and you believe that he is playing for the opposing side?

Have you never had a bad day in the office? Have you not been reprimanded by your seniors at your workplace or your parents at home? These are what we learn from. We aren’t perfect and we will never be. Even the greatest warriors in history have known defeat and here you are expecting perfection from our Indian cricketers in every single moment.

Firstly, it is not easy to make the cut for the national team, especially in India where cricket is religion and the Sachins and Kohlis are Gods. If someone is making the cut pushing others aside, believe me, that feat in itself is almost beyond 90 percent of the cricketing chauvinists.

Secondly, nothing, I repeat, absolutely nothing entitles you with the rights of being the judge, jury and executioner. Learn to support your team in their worst like the way you would like to be supported.

Let cricket win and if India proves to be the better side, let them win too. Even if they don’t, you are no one to call them names and slander them with a dab of your hideous soul.

I believe in cricket and I believe in all the players donning that crest. They may have bad days or good but I will always support them unreservedly and holler my lungs out every single time the Indian team takes the field. Will you, please?

Yours sincerely,

A crazy cricket fan.

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