Fans Are Slamming Gautam Gambhir For Alegedly Calling MS Dhoni ‘So-Called Finisher’

Gautam Gambhir

Former Indian cricketer and World Cup hero Gautam Gambhir has once again come under the scanner for taking a jibe at MS Dhoni. The cricketer-turned-politician is known for speaking his heart out and he doesn’t hold back in making controversial statements.

Time and again, Gautam Gambhir has criticized MS Dhoni for multiple reasons. In the latest turn of events, Gambhir questioned MS Dhoni’s hitting skills by calling him a ‘so-called finisher’.

Gambhir’s statements came during the recently-concluded IPL 2021 match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Punjab Kings in Dubai. Gambhir, who is a part of the commentary panel, was giving his take on the role of finishers. While praising Virat Kohli as the best finisher in the last couple of years, Gambhir said that RCB has better stats than “so-called finishers.” He said:

(Andre) Russell being called as a finisher. Virat Kohli has been the best finisher in the last couple of years, and he batted number 3. So just by giving people this term of ‘finisher’ doesn’t make them a finisher. Compare Virat Kohli scoring the run in comparision of the so-called finishers,” 

Here, watch the video:

Though Gambhir didn’t take MS Dhoni’s name, fans were sure that Gambhir has taken a dig at the CSK skipper. After all, MS Dhoni is hailed as one of the best finishers to have graced the game. Over the years, MS Dhoni’s impetus in the latter part of the innings has given nightmares to many bowling line-ups.

In no time, social media was flooded with reactions from the netizens, who started trolling Gambhir for his statements.

Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:

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