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An Open Letter To Rahul Dravid

An Open Letter To Rahul Dravid:

Dear Jammy,

It’s been a long time since we have seen you smiling from the gallery. It’s been a while since you have filled our hearts with hopes when you came all guns blazing with those herculean knocks at the face of the mighty bowling attacks. That technique of yours was very close to our hearts.

However, ever since the fab four retired, performing overseas has felt like a thorn in the flesh. It feels that the world will never be the same for the Indian middle-order. Well, it is true. You were a hero who would never be born again.

That is why heroes are singular, they are incredible and they are rare. But you know, what can be born again? Someone who knows how to fulfill hopes in the hearts of the supporters and with you at the helm, we Indian fans have started believing again.

Honestly, what Ravi Shastri did was incredible and absolutely nothing can be compared to that. However, there was one thing that didn’t come home and it was ICC silverware. Every single time, the last hurdle didn’t let us cross it. We were stuck, we had no answer and being honest, not even on one single occasion, could we come close. Every single time, we came knocking on the door, e couldn’t even budge it for once.

We were refused entrance not because there was a default. However, we were not deserving. Jadeja and Dhoni brought us close but it was already botched up and that victory would have been nothing short of a steal.

Jammy, we do not pray from anything you. There is just one thing that we want from you. This team is fire but they are burning themselves. You need to show them to channel it. You have an excellent batsman in Virat Kohli who is going through a tough phase. All he needs is a little light and you were a lodestar to Indians.

You have an express train in Jasprit Bumrah and you can channel his steam to the mighty timbre. You have an electric Ravindra Jadeja whom you can mold into an explosion that would consume the world.

You have a legion of raw potential at your disposal and we know what you can turn it into. You can change it into a mine of raw diamonds that will shine brighter than ever. Jammy, you were the wall that no one could break. It has been a while since we have seen someone in the middle-order taking a stand as you did.

Is it too much of an ask to bring the mighty middle-order back? Is it too much of an ask to bring this band together and challenge the world again? All we want from you is that hope. We love you Jammy and we always will.


Yours sincerely,

A crazy cricket fan


An ardent sports lover with an inclination towards story-telling and blessed with a bloated penchant for words.

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