The Ashes: 4 Most Popular Avatars Evers

While the cricket fans across the world are desperately waiting for The Ashes 2021-22, we, at The Cricket Lounge, decided to look back in the past and dig out some interesting content for our readers.

While surfing on the internet, we found some really interesting pictures of English and Australian cricketers with very interesting look during The Ashes. There isn’t too much content available on this, but we have listed four of the most famous looks carried by the cricketers from both sides during The Ashes. Let’s have a look here:

1) Merv Hughes 

The dashing and threatening bowler from Australia had the most fearsome moustache and his look during the Ashes 1993. Hughes was one of the most entertaining and intimidating fast bowlers this world has ever seen.

2) Mitchell Johnson 

No cricket fan in the world can forget Mitchell Johnson’s moustache during the Ashes 2013-14. He bowled some of the best spells of his life in that series and entertained cricket fans across the world with his outstanding fast bowling. That year, The Ashes belonged only to Mitchell Johnson and his unforgettable moustache.

3) Kevin Pietersen 

England’s swashbuckling batsman Kevin Pietersen’s look in the Ashes 2005 is one of his most loved looks. His fans across the world can never forget that young, hippy Kevin Pietersen, who smashed the mighty Aussie bowlers in the most ruthless way. But, it wasn’t just his hairstyle that attracted attention. KP played some of the best cricket of his life in that Ashes series and stamped his authority on the world cricket at a very young age. It was an unforgettable series for the him, his team and their fans across the world.

4) Collin Miller 

Some people say that Collin Miller changed more hair colours than the number of wickets he took in his career. But, jokes part, this was his look in The Ashes 2001. How much red is too much red?

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