Kevin Pietersen Shared A Very Important Non-Cricketing Message For The World

Former England batsman Kevin Pietersen has been left distressed by the violent killing of Rhinos in South Africa, his country of birth.

Kevin Pietersen, who had moved to England in 2000 from South Africa, is a conservationist and a prominent advocate for the welfare and conservation of endangered animals in South Africa.

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In 2018, the swashbuckling batsman opened Umganu Lodge, a luxury resort at the edge of Kruger National Park. The resort serves as both a retreat centre and as a means to increase awareness of endangered species in South Africa.

He also established Saving Our Rhinos Africa & India (SORAI), an Australian charity supporting rhinoceros conservation. Over the years, through his social media, Kevin Pietersen has regularly castigated illegal poaching, particularly that of rhinoceros.

Now, he learned about a premier trophy hunter in South Africa, Chris Van Der Westhuizen, who had put up a photo along with a dead lion that he had killed.

“Hunting these cats is just something special, truly an honor calling this my career and passion!” he captioned the post.

Kevin Pietersen was left utterly disgusted by this act of the hunter. He lambasted this on Twitter and demanded that “Chris needs cancelling”.

Here, check out Pietersen’s raging tweet:

The plight of Rhinos in South Africa is at a critical level with the government maintaining silence on this issue.
Respected wildlife vets Dr Dave Cooper has said, “We who work with rhino in particular, realise so little was said about rhino poaching in the past 18 months that people might quite legitimately believe the situation has improved, that the crisis has passed and there are more important issues to focus on – pandemics will do that to a society. It’s time to correct that false impression. Rhino poaching is at a critical level.”
“It’s not news to us on the ground. Poaching has been rising steadily for months, while the silence from official government communications and mainstream media is deafening,” he added.
Speaking of Kevin Pietersen, the former England captain, attacked the ECB and their system after Joe Root’s team succumbed to a 4-0 defeat in the Ashes. England’s batting was poor for most of the series, culminating in a collapse of 56 runs for all 10 wickets. Pietersen, though, slammed ECB’s processes and decision-making over the past few years for this embarrassing series loss.

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