IPL 2022: 5 Ways In Which Cricketers Are Beating Dehydration

IPL 2022: Cricketers have never faced such demanding situations as the current ones do, especially those who play in all three formats for their country. Hence, the fitness levels have also been at the highest among the players; somebody like Virat Kohli is not only among the fittest cricketers but is one of the fittest athletes in the world.

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The tight international schedule and the IPL takes a heavy toll on Indian players. The foreign players who don’t play Test cricket frequently appear in various franchise leagues. Add all this – the tight schedule, high-intensity matches and tournaments – to the tight bio-bubble protocols in the pandemic era, and that has had a gruesome effect on the mental and physical health of many men and women players.

IPL 2022 is currently being played in the summer in India; the sun is only going to simmer more in the months of April and May. The heat in which the players play and live during the IPL will surely dehydrate them.

Here are some ways by which the players are keeping themselves hydrated during IPL 2022:

1) Players monitor their body weights during the matches

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Observing body weight allows the players to check for fluid loss and hydrate themselves accordingly. The physios and the doctors keep tabs on these readings and advise the cricketer on their habits and consumption of liquids.

2) Players regularly consume sports drinks to delay the onset of fatigue

We have often seen players drinking liquids from coloured bottles during the drinks breaks. These are sports drinks, specifically made for athletes to tackle fatigue and dehydration. Sports drinks are rich in carbohydrates, electrolytes and amino acids. These together enhance the performance by increasing endurance and delaying fatigue.

3) Players take regular drink breaks between matches


While a full IPL 2022 innings has two drinks breaks included, many times players signal for drinks to the benched ones and asked for liquids even during overs other than the official drinks breaks. Amid the intensity of the game, cricketers drink water regularly throughout the match.

4) Fruit juices help the cricket players recharge their fuel cells

Apart from sports and energy drinks, cricketers are advised to regularly drink juices during IPL 2022. Carrot juice, orange juice, cranberry juice are natural alternatives for lost fluid. Rich in glucose, fructose, and potassium, the fruit juices help players maintain their energy levels.

5) Players use special ice vests and cooling towels

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We have also seen some batters, especially putting a towel over their heads during the drinks breaks, and even after getting out while sitting in the dugout. Filled with freezing gel or even simple ice, players use ice vests and cooling towels to help bring down the body temperature.

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