Sachin Tendulkar Gave A Warning To Shoaib Akhtar That He Will Never Forget

Former Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar is hailed as one of the most lethal bowlers to have ever played for the Pakistan cricket team. He is very active on social media and on YouTube, where he is known for sharing near-endless tales surrounding his cricketing career.

In his latest video, Akhtar came up with yet another funny and lesser-known story related to him and Indian batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar, where he had almost injured the Indian legend.

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Well, recently in a YouTube chat with Indian content creators including comedians Zakir Khan and Tanmay Bhat, Shoaib Akhtar revealed the story of Sachin Tendulkar and him partying together in Lucknow once and how he had almost injured the Indian batting superstar. He revealed:

“I have many stories. One story is from Lucknow, we had a match over there. One night there was a party over there. India and Pakistani players were there. I went up to Sachin and told him, let me carry you on my shoulder. He is small in height so I thought it would be easy. But as soon as I picked him up, he slipped and fell on his back. I thought he is injured now. I asked him apologetically, “Sachin, lahi toh nahi na? (Are you okay?). 

He added: “Agar mujhe injury hui hoti na, tujhe India waale jala dete. Zinda (If I got injured, Indians would have burnt you alive)”

It was indeed a hilarious expression from Sachin Tendulkar as he highlighted how Akhtar would have faced the anger of the Indian fans for injuring him. The story also reflects the great rapport and friendship that the Indian and Pakistani players once used to have back in the day.

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