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3 Better Captaincy Options For CSK Than Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja has looked completely out of place as CSK's skipper.

Ravindra Jadeja is looking unprepared for the role: Chennai Super Kings had the worst start ever to IPL 2022 as for the first time in the antiquity of the tournament, they have lost all four of their starting games and now the future seems just too bleak.

It is quite obvious to say that one or two changes won’t do justice to the side and with no mega-auction in the near offing, it is going to be a long time for them to build a new team from here but currently they can shift all their focus to the matter of captaincy which has been all over the place for the Super Kings.

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Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja has failed to live up to the titanic role that was pinned on his shoulders and the expectation that raged wild from the Indian all-rounder has turned to dust. It is needless to say that filling in the colossal books isn’t an easy task but Ravindra Jadeja has come nowhere close.

In this story let’s take a look at 3 better captaincy options for CSK than Ravindra Jadeja:

#1 MS Dhoni

ipl 2022 ravindra jadeja dhoni csk

It is a clear sign that the transition of power hasn’t really been smooth here. Ravindra Jadeja has lacked clarity and it feels that he would need a lot more mentorship to get the wheels rolling.

What seems wise at the moment is that MS Dhoni is reinstated with the captaincy for the remainder of the season and he can take care of the team and maybe this will help Ravindra Jadeja with the knowledge of how things must be done when Mahi steps down from the mantle.

#2 Ambati Rayudu

ambati rayudu csk

It may sound outrageous, yes, but Rayudu is a man of experience and has been around the circuit for quite a while. He has been a reliable moniker in the CSK middle-order and has also been a part of various cricketing leagues in the nation and around the globe. He is a decent batter and also a decent fielder.

The responsibility on his shoulders isn’t as high as one would expect them to be. Taking up the leadership role of the Chennai Super Kings can bring in an added sense of perspective and the fact that he has seen Indian cricket evolve from very close quarters will make him take his decisions accordingly.

#3 Robin Uthappa

Robin Uthappa
Image source: Sky Sports

Once again, this may be an outrageous statement but the side needs to save at the moment instead of plotting future schemes. In fact, the plotting can still be done with subtlety. Robin Uthappa is a fine cricket in the franchise roster and has been a consistent driving force in the heart of IPL.

He has previously been a part of KKR’s leadership group and he comes with a boatload of experience. Given the tumultuous upheaval that the Super Kings are now in, they will need an experienced face to take care of the proceedings. Given the presence of Uthappa and still a couple of years in his sleeve, there can be no better man for the job.


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