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3 Reasons Why Rohit Sharma Has Struggled In IPL 2022

Rohit Sharma has been a fine captain for the Mumbai Indians but sadly, in the ongoing year, he seems to be totally out of his elements.

Rohit Sharma is undoubtedly one of the best batters that cricket has ever seen. He is a fine striker of the ball and can wreak absolute havoc if he gets going. The preceding reputation both in the international cricketing circuit and the IPL has been through the roof for the Indian captain.

rohit sharma ipl 2022

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However, IPL 2022 has been everything but kind to the Indian hitman. Somehow, Rohit Sharma has thrown his wicket away too cheaply and at the moment his struggles are a war for his fans to endure. Needless to say, he has reached a podium that comes with the heightened expectations of always performing for any franchise that he would play for. One mere slip and the descent would land him straight into the searing lava, burning him completely.

To be very candid, players like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are always expected to deliver but then one basis fact is forgotten that states that a cricketer, no matter how big or small is a human being at the end of the day and mistakes are bound to happen.

At one point in time, you would feel that you are savouring the form of your life while the very next day can throw you down the pit of despair where you may even end up regretting your decision to take up the sport as a profession. All these thoughts have already been deluging the media outlets where people are trying to dissect why exactly Rohit Sharma has so far been a flop.

#1 Rohit Sharma looks tired as a captain

Rohit Sharma has been a fine captain for the Mumbai Indians but sadly, in the ongoing year, he seems to be totally out of his elements. He has failed to dance down the pitch and play the perfect sync with the madness that we usually know him for.

rohit sharma mumbai indians play offs

His body language has been totally down the drain and unless he is willing to chin up and rectify his stance, in the forthcoming days, especially with the World Cup on his radar. He has been a class act all these days and the lack of positivity in his body language is bound to bother him.

#2 Somehow Rohit Sharma is giving away his wicket too softly

The hard-hitting opener has somehow seemed to be in a fix and the kind of shots that he usually plays is not something that he is playing in IPL 2022. Rohit Sharma is not the fearless belter of the cherry anymore. He seems overly cautious and the kind of strokes that he is choosing to carve is making life a living hell for him. In an attempt to play cautiously, a brand that is a million miles away from his natural gameplay, he is marring his own knocks.

#3 The pressure of losses is getting to it

Rohit Sharma Mumbai Indians ipl 2022

The fear of leading an IPL franchise is real and no matter how seasoned a fellow cricketer may be, every new edition of the tournament brings forth a new perceptive and definitely new variations. Nerves are always important in what can be a crucial factor in changing the fate of a franchise and its captain and Rohit have failed to control his nerves totally ever since the tournament started.

The favourite pull shot of his is somehow going straight into the arms of the fielders. It feels as if he is burdened and those chains won’t break anytime soon. He needs to be out there in middle and turn over the tide even though Mumbai has very little to offer with an extremely unbalanced side in IPL 2022.

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