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5 Biggest Surprise Packages of IPL 2022

These 5 cricketers have surprised one and all with their outstanding performances.

IPL 2022: Accept it or not but IPL has always been based around surprise packages that has seen changing the course of the tournament ever since its inception. Many of them have also gone on to feature in the Indian ranks and their contributions have been absolutely overwhelming.

As the latest edition of the tournament is already in full swing, we have been stunned by a handful of surprising monikers that have left the roster of the franchise extravaganza in full swing. It has been a sheer treat to watch them deliver and with the passing of every treacherous day, they simply shine brighter than ever.

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Let us take a quick look at the five surprising gems of IPL 2022 who were totally written off even before the tournament started or most likely would have been filling the ranks of the sidelines in everyone’s calculations.

#1 Ayush Badoni

Who would have actually thought that a 22-year-old youngster would have been in such high demand ever since the tournament kickstarted? Young Ayush Badoni has been in exemplifying form right since the word ‘go’ and his impact in the game has been so momentous that the Super Giants didn’t hesitate in sending him to crease ahead of his designated role and he has delivered the utmost results.

Ayush Badoni IPL 2022
Image source: IPL’s Twitter account (screen grab)

He has already hammered knocks of 54, an unbeaten 19, a quickfire 19 and a finishing 10* before he hit the slump against the Rajasthan Royals in a high-octane encounter. He has been in blazing form and the youngster continues to impress with every passing game. More importantly, he has thrived under pressure and that is what makes him one of the best surprises to look out for.

#2 Umesh Yadav

It is needless to say that he is an experienced customer but if you are saying that you believed in the fact that this man was going to be KKR’s hero at the start of the season, I am sure, at least 90 percent of the people who say that are bluffing. Umesh Yadav has turned the season on its head and the kind of performances that he has delivered in this tournament has been too good to watch.

umesh yadav

He has successfully made the ball drift and also conjured some serious pace that has ranged close to 142 plus clicks. More importantly, the discipline that he has displayed so far has been too good to be refuted. If you are a batter facing him, believe me, you will probably be in for the biggest surprise for you never know how would the ball drift.

#3 Shahbaz Ahmed

Ever since the auction, the teams had reasons to believe that RCB’s batting lineup is terribly weak and has no depth whatsoever. This is exactly where this youngster has flipped the tide. He has been an exceptionally reliable customer in the middle and the way he has performed in situations where the team was in desperate need of a saviour is bound to blow your minds away.

Especially against the Knight Riders and the Royals where the Challengers were dangerously lingering around the fringes of a collapse, it has been this young man who provided the much-needed impetus and reliability, ushering the Challengers to a win. He has also been a terrific fielder and with every passing day has proven his ability in the IPL roster.

#4 B Sai Sudarshan

Sudarshan made his debut in IPL 2022 just a night back and he has been bang on money straightaway. The young unheralded moniker played out a rollicking 35 off just 30 balls and more importantly, it was the perfect anchor that Shubman Gill needed that night to steer the Titans to glory.

Even though one match isn’t particularly enough to predict the destination of a rising youngster but as they say that the dawn shows the day, the quality displayed by this young batter was high-class and it can be a building block for the soaring Titans.

#5 Rasikh Salam

Rasikh Salam has stepped foot in the IPL 2022 after completing his 2-year ban where he had to face the punishment after age fraud in 2019. He is just 22 years old and this youngster had loads to learn.

Rasikh Salam

However, the ban didn’t dampen his spirits and he is back to the cricketing circuit and has so far proved handy for the Knight Riders. He is a medium-fast bowler and has so far shown a decent bout of line and length. He has also been very consistent with his accuracy and that makes him someone to look out for, especially in the shortest format of the game where medium-pace has previously worked wonders.


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