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IPL 2022: An Open Letter to KL Rahul

Dear KL Rahul,

You know every cricketing era comes with a fine artist who probably doesn’t fit the norms of the supporters and the experts but keeps on painting his art in the brightest of liveries, weaving magic that is unprecedented.

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If Kohli was the king of the last decade, you are turning slowly towards the steps of your coronation for the forthcoming one. Watching you bat feels like poetry in motion and the way you attack the ball is simply mind-boggling stuff, to say the least.

Maybe, not everyone is accustomed to the poetic brilliance that you bring to the cricketing yard laced with balletic grace but they know that they can look up to you when the team crumbles in the middle.

There are also a few who believes that the chemistry with you for others isn’t as good as it should be, but maybe at times, it is the best for someone to operate as a lone wolf. Cricket is definitely a team game but for that to happen, one needs to understand that it is how much both the batters in the middle are willing to understand.

For a few, it may simply be arrogance while for others, who understand the game, would know when to take the best seat in the house to your mesmerizing brilliance. I won’t really bring a comparison here saying that you remind us of anyone. That would actually be trivializing your talent., rather an insult to the quality that you bring to the shed.

On the contrary, I would rather suggest that you are just getting warmed up. The actual carnage is still to be unleashed. You have all the aspects in you that would make you a legend of the game. You only need to keep your focus till the end.

Maybe at times, you get too carried away with the game’s predominant emotions but being an icon takes time and patience. Maybe you will fall and you will crumble but it is important that you keep on believing.

People may say that your captaincy is not worthy at all, but people even questioned Sachin Tendulkar during his temporary landslides. It is easier for people to question someone’s credibility. But that should not stop you from being what you are born to be.

You have the hunger in your eyes and the surrounding chaos doesn’t bother you. It may be tough but you are just an amazing batter and you are here to stay. Come hell or high waters, believe in yourself, Rahul. The world is yours to conquer.

Yours sincerely,

A crazy cricket fan of yours.

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