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IPL 2022: An Open Letter To The Evergreen Finisher MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni is still finishing matches in IPL 2022.

Dear MS Dhoni,

You have always been the face of the term finisher that modern cricket would always know about. Despite Michael Bevan bringing the term to existence, it was you who popularized it with your sublime finishes, bailing India and CSK out on countless occasions.

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You know the current generation of youth mostly complains of certain pains and twists and turns and what not that has been marring their physical potential at a very tender age. And yet, here you are, breathing fire like a dragon at the age of 40.

Last night against Mumbai, the entire world went berserk when you were playing that last over, under immense pump and yet those ecstatic drives that were peppered to every single nook and cranny of the park made them a treat for the sore eyes.

The nerves of steel that you possess once again gleaned up with hope and acted as the beacon of salvation for an ailing Chennai Super Kings whose ongoing edition has been all over the place. When you missed the stumping, your haters didn’t miss out on a single opportunity to point out that you are finished.

Well, reflexes at the age of 25 and at the age of 40 isn’t the same. People believe that you are extending your way more than you are welcome and this will be your downfall. However, they simply choose to ignore the fact that you are still hungry for more cricket.

Maybe your body is slowly giving up, MS Dhoni, but your lion heart still wants to go out there and play every single ball as if it will be the first ball of your career. Finishing a game in the shortest format of the sport at the age of 30 becomes a challenge and there you were at the age of 40, whacking around the bowlers with consummate ease.

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However, even the most ardent fans of yours know that this is just a temporary celebration that we have all kept ourselves immersed in, yet we know that for us, the devotees, you are a God and no matter whatsoever rituals we need to do for you even to see you play one more ball, irrespective of the upshot, we will do it twice.

It is not because you, MS Dhoni, are doing an excellent job now, rather you are adding to the woes of CSK but for a devotee, a God in his eyes would always be the one who is pristine. So make as many errors as you want, but every time you finish an innings we will scream for you, Thala.

Yours sincerely,

A crazy fan of MS Dhoni

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