Amit Mishra Trolled Shahid Afridi And Broke The Internet

Veteran Indian leg-spinner Amit Mishra mercilessly trolled former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi for “misleading” the world with his age when the latter made a sensational remark regarding Yasin Malik, who has been convicted in a terror funding case a few days ago.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Wednesday had sought a death sentence for Kashmiri separatist leader Yasin Malik, who had been convicted by the Patiala House Court. Malik was charged with criminal conspiracy, waging tussles within the country, other unlawful activities, and disturbing peace in Kashmir. Eventually, in the recent hearing, he had withdrawn his lawyer and had pleaded guilty.

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Shahid Afridi comments on Yasim Malik and Kashmir, gets trolled by Amit Mishra

Shahid Afridi posted a photo of himself with a backdrop of Pakistan’s flag. In his post, he alleged the Indian government to “silence critical voices” raised against the “blatant human right abuses” in the country. He also believes that the charges against Yasin Malik are all “fabricated”.

Afridi even urged the United Nations to interfere, requesting them to take note of the “unfair & illegal” cases against the Kashmiri leaders.

With the picture, he wrote: “India’s continued attempts to silence critical voices against its blatant human right abuses are futile. Fabricated charges against #YasinMalik will not put a hold to #Kashmir’s struggle to freedom. Urging the #UN to take notice of unfair & illegal trails against Kashmir leaders.”

This is Shahid Afridi’s tweet:

This comment from the legendary Pakistani all-rounder elicited severe reactions from both sides of the border, some supporting Afridi’s beliefs while some slammed him.

Soon after, Amit Mishra trolled Afridi like a boss – when, after pointing out that Malik himself had pled guilty, the senior leg-spinner said that the court records are not “misleading” as his birthdates have been over the course of his career when fans were always confused about Afridi’s real age.

“Dear @safridiofficial he himself has pleaded guilty in court on record. Not everything is misleading like your birthdate,” Mishra tweeted.

Here’s Amit Mishra’s tweet blasting Shahid Afridi:

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