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IPL 2022: An Open Letter To Jasprit Bumrah

"If someone should be called the tormentor of timbre, it has to be you - Jasprit Bumrah."

Dear Jasprit Bumrah,

IPL 2022 hasn’t been kind to you at all. There has been more despair than hope. There has been more desperation than beauty and there have been more falls than rises. Sadly, for an athlete, this is a part of his life that no matter how good he is, he will have to face.

However, no matter how hard the times get, for the tough ones, they always find a way to bounce back. On such a similar night, you managed to turn the tide with an exultant display of pace and brutality that brought out the best in you, even though your team couldn’t cross the line.

jasprit bumrah

You, Jasprit Bumrah, were absolutely brilliant on a night that witnessed Kolkata getting back to winning ways after your batters disappointed but you carried your role with distinction and for us this means that you know when to peak. With so many important tournaments up ahead for India, I am pretty sure, that tonight’s emphatic showdown would be a beacon of hope in the midst of tempestuous oceans that prance restlessly to the drumbeats of Mumbai’s woes.

Your first over was the silent one where Venkatesh Iyer decided to play it out. You started shaking your bag of tricks from the second and that was too hot for KKR to handle. With the current form that Russell is in, Rohit entrusted you with the herculean onus of getting the big man removed.

You started with the perfect yorker and it was a treat for the cricket fans. You followed it with Russell’s favourite length ball but only took off the pace from it and the next thing that we knew that Pollard did well to remove his national teammate. That was just the beginning of the upcoming madness.

You, Jasprit Bumrah, second scalp of the night was dangerous looking Rana as you would put in that extra pace that took the southpaw by storm and Ishan Kishan made no mistake in completing a safe take. The following over for you was from the other end and you would come out in a far more intimidating avatar.

Even though the wicket of Jackson needed an excellent catch, the kind of brilliance that you pulled off tonight was also setting up your team-mates to pull off the extraordinary as Daniel Sams would complete the catch clean. You cleaned up Cummins next with a short ball and that was the mother of all variations. You mixed up your weapons so dangerously that it would leave the batters reeling in shock.

You set up Narine with the perfect short ball and even before he realized what has hit him, you were already busy celebrating your first fiver of the season after a handful of tough outings.

Well, Jassi, this season has somehow not suited to the Mumbai stars but that doesn’t mean that people hate you. As the traditional maxim goes, form is temporary while class is permanent, you are a class. You are unbeatable. Just because one season doesn’t go you way doesn’t mean that you fall short.

No matter what, I am always going to support you, Jasprit Bumrah, because I believe that in modern cricket if someone should be called the tormentor of timbre, it has to be you Jasprit Bumrah.

Yours sincerely,

A crazy cricket lover


An ardent sports lover with an inclination towards story-telling and blessed with a bloated penchant for words.

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