IPL 2022 Play-Offs Chances Of All The 10 Teams

The IPL 2022 is now into its business end of the league stage; 58 matches are done and dusted, while only 12 remain, and Hardik Pandya’s Gujarat Titans is the only franchise to have sealed a playoff spot with 18 points in 12 matches, while Mumbai Indians were the first team to be eliminated from the playoff race, having won just 2 of their 11 matches.

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Rest 8 teams will fight for three remaining places for the playoffs and also it will be interesting to see which two teams end up in the top two.

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There is an immense number of possibilities for teams to go through. Here are the qualification scenario for each franchise:

Lucknow Super Giants – 12 matches, 16 points

One more win will see LSG also go through while two wins will definitely see them finish in the top two. Also, KL Rahul’s team can even go through even if they lose both their remaining matches if other results come their way, then it will come down to net run rate with other teams reaching 16 points also.

Rajasthan Royals– 12 matches, 14 points

For Sanju Samson’s side, the equation is simple: win both matches, and not only qualify for the playoffs but also stand a chance to finish in the top two.

One win out of two matches may also see RR through to the top four, but then it will boil down to nrr if one or more teams also finish on 16 points. If RR loses both their matches, they can still finish at fourth, depending on their nrr and other teams don’t reach 16 points. According to the calculations done by Times Of India, RR have a massive 91.8% chance of playoff qualification. They have a healthy nrr of +0.228.

Royal Challengers Bangalore – 12 matches, 14 points

The same scenario as RR applies for RCB. But RCB have a bad nrr of -0.115 so RCB would want to win both their games or at least win one match by big margin and not lose the other one by a heavy margin. Two wins will see them finish in the top four.

Delhi Capitals– 12 matches, 12 points

Delhi have a healthy net run rate of +0.210 which will hold them in a good stead should there be a tie with multiple teams on 16 points – but for that they need to win both their games.

However, DC can still get knocked out even on 16 points if both RR and RCB win their two remaining games and LSG beat KKR. So DC’s fate is not all in their hands and has a 40.6% chance of finishing in the top four.

Sunrisers Hyderabad– 11 matches, 10 points

3 in 3 wins will take SRH to 16 points and they will need to boost their nrr also. As mentioned with DC, even 16 points is now not a guarantee for a playoff spot if both RR and RCB win their two remaining games and LSG beat KKR. SRH, who have lost their last four matches, have a 23.4% IPL 2022 playoff chance.

However, they can even qualify with 14 points and for that to happen both RR and RCB have to lose both their matches, plus SRH need to better their nrr. There exists a possibility of up to six teams finishing on 14 points each and NRR coming into the picture.

Punjab Kings– 11 matches, 10 points

Scenarios for PBKS and SRH are all same, but Punjab’s nrr of -0.231 is really poor. A tie on 16 points or 14 points is unlikely to take PBKS through because of their nrr. Ignoring the nrr, they have a chance of 26.6% to finish in the top four.

Chennai Super Kings – 11 matches, 8 points

CSK’s chances of reaching the IPL 2022 playoffs, finishing at the third or fourth spot, have increased slightly to 4.8 %, according to TOI. They need to win all their remaining three matches and pray for all other results to fall in their favour as they can reach a maximum of 14 points.

They have got their net run rate in the positive with a 91-run win over DC and that could help them in case of a 14-point tie with other teams. But, if both RR and RCB win one more match each, CSK will be knocked out.

Kolkata Knight Riders– 12 matches, 10 points

Like CSK, KKR too will be eliminated from the IPL 2022 playoff race if RR and RCB wins one more match each because KKR can reach a maximum of 14 points. TOI have calculated KKR’s chances of finishing at third or fourth position to be 7%. For that, they need to win their remaining two matches by a high margin because their nrr is in the negative and hope for other results to go their way.

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