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My11Circle- Guide to My11Circle Points System

After you have downloaded the app or logged in via your browser and registered on the app for playing fantasy cricket, the My11Circle interface will show you a variety of games which are live and upcoming to choose from. These games range from popular T20 tournaments such as the Indian T20 League and the Big Bash in Australia to leagues from across the world such as the Bangladesh Premier League and the Caribbean Premier League.

After choosing the match up for which you want to build your fantasy XI, on the left hand side tab of the app, next to the logo, there is a ‘How to Play’ tab. Here you would get all the information about what the correct and possible permutations and combinations are while building your fantasy XI. For instance, one can’t pick more than 1 wicketkeeper in their team, and these rules are important to remember.

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Once you have obtained a basic idea about how to pick a team, the next step is to know what the Points System is in the My11Circle App. For the same, click onto the Points System tab in the same drop down menu which acts like a guide to the My11Circle Points system.

What is unique about the My11Circle Points system is its exhaustive and in depth nature. First it divides the point scoring into three different categories- namely batting, bowling and fielding. Within Batting, it also rewards high strike rates in the T20 game and in the bowling section, it rewards low economy rates.

The points scoring system is as follows for batting. Every run scored by a player will accrue you 0.5 points. The same goes for every boundary the player you select hits. For every six you accrue 1 point. Plus there are incentives for various milestones achieved during the game. If your player hits 30 runs, you get 2 bonus points. If your player crosses the half century mark, you get 4 points and if your player scores a century, you get 8 points. If your player scores a duck though, you get minus 2 points unless your player is a specialist bowler. The App also rewards high strike rates and penalizes sub par ones. If your player scores at a rate of more than 150 runs per 100 balls, you get 2 points as a bonus and if the strike rate is more than 200 you obtain 4 points. But if your batter scores from 99.99 to 75 then you get -1, below 75 you get a minus 2 and if your player has a strike rate less than 50, you will get a minus 4.

The bowling points scoring system is equally comprehensive. For every wicket except a run out you get 10 wickets if your player has taken the said wicket. You get a bonus of 4 points if your player bowls a maiden over. And for 3 wicket hauls, 5 wicket hauls and 7 wicket hauls you obtain bonuses of 3,6, and 9 points respectively. Economy rates are such an important part of the T20 game, and they are rewarded here too. If your player’s economy rate if less than 3 for example, you will get 3 points. If it is between 3-4.49 you will get 2 points and between 4.50-6.00 you will get an extra 1 bonus point. Poor economy rates are penalized though. An economy rate from 7.50-9 would lead to a deduction of one point while an economy rate of more than 9 would mean a deduction of 2 points from your total.

For fielding feats, per catch you obtain 4 points and per stumping you get 6 points. For a direct hit run-out you obtain 6 points and 3 points for a run out involving multiple players.

Last but not the least, the points of the captain chosen by you get doubled, so please ensure you select your captain wisely after going through the points system. And the points of your vice captain get multiplied 1.5 times. You also get 2 points as a bonus for a full XI.

After the studying the points system, you are now in a better informed position for playing fantasy cricket in the best app for fantasy cricket- My11Circle.

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