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The Best And The Worst Captains Of IPL 2022

Three captains who have been absolutely amazing while three captains who have failed to usher their respective teams to a space where they could have been in much better shape.

IPL 2022: Captains play a significant role in shaping up the fortunes of an outfit in any kind of sport. When we talk about captains, IPL has seen the best of them who has actually steered through an ocean of adversities and has led their respective teams to glory while there have been captains who had all the possible resources to bag a championship and yet would land in the rock-bottom of the points table.

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As we talk about the captains of IPL 2022, let us pick up three captains who have been absolutely amazing while three captains who have failed to usher their respective teams to a space where they could have been in much better shape.

Best captains:

#1 Hardik Pandya

The cricketer who has always been known for his arrogance has somehow been the apple of IPL 2022’s eye with a brand of ecstatic performances. As the Titans bask at the top of the points table, Pandya plays a very silent role behind the curtains, bringing out the best in his team. In his recent interview, he would quote that at Gujarat Titans, everyone is same. There is no hierarchy in the side and every individual contributes with every single idea that would flood his brain.

#2 KL Rahul

Probably a man whose captaincy has been demonized previously has taken everyone by storm. The way in which he has led the Lucknow Super Giants has been his coming of age as a captain and a batter. He has been highly approachable and the way he has commanded his forces, pulling off the maneuvers, shuffling the batting orders needed and showing immense faith in the youngsters. Whatever, he has touched so far, has turned to gold and he continues to impress as a captain in IPL 2022.

#3 Kane Williamson

Despite a sloppy start to the IPL campaign, the Kiwi skipper has been in fine shape as a leader and the way he has marshalled his troops is absolutely exemplifying. The calm and the composure that Kane brings to the table makes him one of the top contenders as one of the best skippers of the ongoing edition of the IPL. Maybe, the numbers are still not that overwhelming but the leadership on the pitch has been totally brilliant.

Worst captains:

#1 Ravindra Jadeja

Sadly, nothing worked for CSK’s new skipper as he lost the plot completely. He was too bad at rallying his troops and the decisions taken by him were downright obnoxious. He was barely able to keep things in a piece and his own quality dropped beyond recognition, making this a disastrous outing for India’s best all-rounder.

#2 Rohit Sharma

Maybe this is too harsh for India’s beloved hit-man but this tournament has produced nothing but agony for Rohit. Neither has his bat spoken nor has his captaincy clicked. Every single step that he has taken so far has been questionable and the kind of cricket that he has played, it is definitely everything but a signature Rohit Sharma display.

#3 Shreyas Iyer

The KKR captain has rotated the team the most in the IPL and yet his depth to inspire his team members have been evidently shallow. He fought with the coach and the team feels as if it is imploding. Despite a fine start to the tournament, with the kind of display that followed for KKR, Shreyas may think of taking a step back and reconsider his moves.

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