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The Conversation Between Virat Kohli And The Cricketing Gods

The Gods will hope that you help yourself first and then they will extend that hand which you deserve.

The Conversation Between Virat Kohli And The Cricketing Gods: Do you believe in Gods? Well, even if you don’t, today, I am going to tell you about someone who does believe in the almighty. He is not one of us but when it comes to talking about the cricketing Gods, he takes quite a superior position in the pantheon and yet today, he is just a mere mortal, crying desperately to the Gods we imagine to be in the sky.

Well, cricket, my friend, is a crazy game. Today if you are ascending the throne, tomorrow, you will be rolling in the deepest pits of hell. Today if your house being threatened to be put to the torch, tomorrow, you will be riding high on a gazillion shoulders for your triumph. Today, if you are the God, tomorrow, the Gods shall take their rightful place, condemning you to a darkness that you have never seen in your life.

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We are talking about the one and only, Virat Kohli. He seemed to be in fine touch and there were glimpses of a confident and yet signature Virat Kohli against the Punjab Kings in RCB’s last match. Yet, he would take that long walk back to the pavilion after he was outdone by Rabada’s pace and call it a splash of bad luck, but the ball would catch a whiff of his glove that would need the finest of technical aid to be determined.

Virat Kohli was seen talking to cricketing gods while walking back to the pavilion.

As Virat Kohli started the long walk to the pavilion, he was seen talking to the Gods or the sky, whatever you want to put it as. But then, a couple of words were pretty clear on his lips and he said, “Why me?” Well, I being a sports fanatic will definitely not say that these are karmic retributions. Rather, I am pretty sure that the Gods must have answered saying that there are times when you need to shed your integument of invincibility and go back to the drawing board.

There are times when you need to understand that no matter how many heights you have scaled, you will fall someday. And yet your true existence, lies in getting back up. If you accept the fall, then you were never the great that people thought you are. A hero’s true capability lies in his ability to get back up and not always maintain a high.

We love a super hero because he is willing to bite the bullet and learn from his mistakes so that he can come back stronger against the supervillains, may it be Thanos or Darkseid. If you embrace defeat so easily, you were never meant to be the God.

Every single icon that the sport celebrates have went down deeper depths of despair than you Virat Kohli. But that doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world. It only means that you have the capability of coming back stronger. God won’t tell you “Why you”. Rather, he will hope that you get back to your roots, even if that means taking some time off from national cricket to find your stride and come back stronger.

virat kohli and cricketing gods
Image source: Twitter.com

The Gods will hope that you help yourself first and then they will extend that hand which you deserve. If needed, play domestic cricket if you want but there are times where you need to resort to someone who have been following your game. There are times when you need to get back to that one man who helped you embrace the sport.

The world probably would say that you should listen to Mr. X or Mr. Y but if there is one man who can help you understand that what should a comeback look like, it has to be your first cricketing coach who helped you to climb the ranks.

Virat Kohli, our gurus are our Gods and when it comes to art, believe me they will always be the best that you will get. Patience is running thing for all the supporters out there. You need to think of a way of coming out stronger before the inevitable happens.


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