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IPL 2022: What Makes Rinku Singh A ‘VVS’ Talent?

Rinku Singh is a 'Very, Very Special' talent.

Rinku Singh, the knight in the shining armour: Have you ever waited for five long years to make it to the top? Have you ever not felt the strong urge to relinquish to the noises, jeers and catcalls that the world has thrown incessantly at you?

Have you not been demotivated by the consistent fiasco that spanned for a long time? Have you not felt rejected over and over again? Did that make you give up?

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rinku singh

Maybe, it would be very kind of you, if you can tell this to us in the comments. However, this story belongs to someone who refused to give up despite life squeezing him in the worst possible ways, making it a nightmare of five long years that would haunt him, put him in the grill and most importantly leaving him gaping for an opportunity. We are talking about Rinku Singh.

The man who never seemed to be in shape as the T20 standards would have it, the man who would very rarely contribute to the winning cause of his state, the man who would always throw away his wicket by trying to play that leg-flick, a shot that was romanticized by Adam Gilchrist for southpaws.

Rinku Singh would hardly connect with the deliveries and his short stature would not allow him to get on top of the ball and successfully pull or hook, a shot that is his personal favourite. Well, you won’t see many Kohlis or Dhonis walking up to him and tell him about his mistakes.

You know what is the only recurrent theme in Rinku Singh’s story? Actually, there are three things that would keep on recurring. Firstly, belief, secondly diligence and thirdly, is the will to carry on. If you have these three things in you, no matter how harsh the world is, how austere life may seem, how long the struggle may continue, you will be there some day.

When Rinku Singh would power home an extravagant knock that would leave Rajasthan Royals reeling in agony after a decent start, despite all the eyes being on Nitish Rana, it was Rinku Singh who would play the shots to perfection.

You think that he is short and he would simply leap on his heels to flick the cherries over the third-man boundary. You would call Rinku Singh not fast enough to flick down the leg-side and he would belt the RR bowlers to the stands. You would call him unfit and he would squeeze his blood and sweat to continue the grilling partnership with Nitish Rana.


Oh, did you miss his fielding enterprises? Believe me, he was a rocket in the boundaries when he ran and dived while those safe arms would grab anything that would come his way. Do you know that he actually wrote the score that he would try and amass on his own arms before he would come out to play? Believe me this confidence doesn’t come overnight. It comes after year of struggles and belief in one self. That is Rinku Singh for you.

He may not be one those of meteoric talents that IPL will scoop up every season, but he is a by-product of all the virtues that makes a human achieve his dream. His English may not be as good that makes him the poet of cricket but his batting is that dedicated to shake empires in the future.

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