Dale Steyn’s Tweet For An Amateur Cricketer With Unique Bowling Action Has Gone Viral

The name of George McMenemy has gone viral in the past few days after he uploaded a clip of him bowling with an unusual, funny bowling run-up and action. This elicited reactions from the big Twitter account, including Lord’s Cricket Ground, Australia’s Marnus Labuschagne and former South African speedster Dale Steyn.

Dale Steyn Hailed An Amateur Cricketer After His Video Went Viral

McMenemy takes five small steps first with his non-bowling hand, the left hand, raised high up before he hops at the same position for about 8 times and then rolls his arm over for a lobbed up, airborne full length delivery that is nudged easily by the batsman.

But not this amusing bowling action, but McMenemy’s post has got fans emotional. He stated that cricket “has saved my life, enriched my mental health” and he is “happy once more” and that would make his “incredible Mummy proud up in heaven”. The video has garnered over 567K views and has been liked by more than 12K viewers and retweeted by over 1000 fans.

“Folks I might be a fool, I might even be the worst cricketer in the world but this sport has saved my life, enriched my mental health and given me a platform to be happy once more and try to make my incredible Mummy proud up in heaven. Cricket I love you,” the amateur cricketer tweeted.

Here, check out his funny bowling and an emotional post:

Dale Steyn jokingly wrote: “If anyone asks what I did for a living, I’m showing them this video.”

Some fans didn’t appreciate Steyn’s words but the Protea legend was quick to explain that he wasn’t mocking or trolling McMenemy but asserted that both shared similar feelings as a bowler.

“Just a follow up on my previous tweet so we not confused, I’m not mocking the bowler, I share his feelings,” Dale Steyn explained himself.

Marnus Labuschagne motivates George McMenemy

Marnus Labuschagne, who is ranked second in ICC Test rankings, lauded McMenemy’s efforts and determination and hailed him as an inspiration.

“This is fantastic George – you’re an inspiration to us all – thanks for sharing your love of the best game in the world,” Labuschagne wrote.

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