Suresh Raina Wrote An Emotional Reply On PM Modi’s Tweet About His Mother

Former India batsman Suresh Raina is pretty active on social media. He recently shared his vacation pictures with former Chennai Super Kings teammates Dwayne Bravo and Moeen Ali on his Instagram; Raina also regularly tweets about Indian cricket, its cricketers and other stuff on Twitter.

On Saturday, Raina wrote a beautiful poem for PM Narendra Modi’s mother, Heeraben, who celebrated her 100th birthday. Born on June 18, 1923, Heeraben entered the 100th year of her life on Saturday.

Suresh Raina: 'Too young, energetic to retire' writes PM Modi in note to Suresh Raina; says would take days to count the runs he saved - The Economic Times
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PM Modi visited his mother on the occasion of her special day at her residence in Gandhinagar. He washed her feet, performed rituals and had an emotional conversation with her.

“Took blessings of my mother today as she enters her 100th year,” PM Modi tweeted sharing photos of his meeting with his mother.

Suresh Raina’s beautiful tweet for Heeraben’s 100th birthday

Suresh Raina, who was part of the IPL 2022 as a commentator, quoted PM Modi’s tweet and wrote a heart-touching poem.

“वो किस्से मेरी पूंजी है माँ,
जो तू रोज सुनाया करती थी,
उस जैसा माखन नही मिला माँ,
जो तू मुझे खिलाया करती थी|

माँ हैं तो हम हैं
माँ हैं तो जग है” Raina tweeted.

Translation: “Those stories are my capital, mother, which you used to tell everyday, I didn’t get the butter like that, mother, that you used to feed me. We are because of mothers, the world is because of mothers.”

Here, check out Suresh Raina’s emotional tweet:

PM Modi himself, too, penned an emotional, moving blog, expressing joy and gratitude, on this grand occasion of her mother turning 100.

“Just last week, my nephew shared a few videos of Mother from Gandhinagar. A few youngsters from the society had come home, my father’s photograph was kept on a chair, there was a kirtan, and Mother was immersed in singing bhajans while playing the manjeera. She is still the same – age may have taken a toll physically, but she is as mentally alert as ever,” PM Modi wrote.

“I have no doubt that everything good in my life, and all that is good in my character, can be attributed to my parents. Today, as I sit in Delhi, I am filled with memories from the past.” 

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