Shreyas Iyer Is Getting Trolled Badly

You would be forgiven to believe that Shreyas Iyer was batting in Australia or West Indies today, facing lanky fast bowlers bowling at over 145 if you looked only at his shots and his movement in the crease.

But no – Iyer was facing a 39-year-old, a 36-year-old and a 23-year-old who is only into his second month of Test cricket, neither of them hardly bowling over 135-140 KPH. Barely even touching these speeds in conditions where the ball was moving sideways and the pitch not offering any great deal of bounce.

Shreyas Iyer
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Shreyas Iyer gets to another short ball

Shreyas Iyer’s weakness to the short ball is so proclaimed, so well-documents and renowned – not least by his former KKR coach who is now in the opposition England camp – that James Anderson, Stuart Broad and Matthew Potts didn’t have any doubts in their plans to go short against Iyer even with their medium pace.

For Iyer’s dismissal in the first innings – out to a short ball fending away on the leg-side into the wicket-keeper’s gloves – further emboldened the English seamers to go for this ploy as soon as he arrived at the crease.

And Iyer knew it too – that one of those short balls will succumb him, so he made a conscious effort to score runs almost every time the ball was, well, not short. He collected three boundaries- all on the offside with hard flashes and drives. But he was like a cat on a hot tin roof whenever the pacers dug short; anything into his body, on rib-cage height, was dealt with immense strain and difficulty.

He was hopping, skipping, jumping, moving around – not quite the “dance” moves that he does often in white-ball cricket though, but was clearly struggling and uncomfortable to the back-of-length and bouncers.

Eventually, as predicted by everyone – Iyer got out to a short ball, from Potts, unable to keep his eyes on the ball while playing the pull shot and hitting it only as far as Anderson at mid-wicket.

Here’s the dismissal:

Netizens anticipated English seamers to bowl short at him, many even felt he will get out to one. And he did. And came out the criticism – deservedly – memes and questions about his Test career outside Asia.

Here are some of the tweets trolling Shreyas Iyer:

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