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Is Online Betting On The IPL Legal Or Illegal In India?

Apart from its popularity, the IPL is often recognized for online betting and is widely regarded as India’s first betting league. Statistics show that bets waged during an IPL season are substantially more than bets placed on cricket throughout the year.

Many people are flocking to some of the best online IPL betting sites in India for a chance to win during the IPL season, which in turn promotes the betting culture. Technology plays a big role by allowing more people to access betting through online betting sites. However, is it legal or illegal to bet on the Indian Premier League?

Is Online Betting Legal in India?

This article clearly defines the legality of betting on the Indian Premier League. So if you are looking to wager on the next tournament or are just curious, you have logged onto the right page.

The legality of betting on the IPL

In India, wagering on the IPL over the internet is legally permitted for people above 18 years. Land betting and common gambling establishments are both prohibited in some states. However, there is no explicit legislation governing internet sports betting. Because the laws governing betting sites are still ambiguous, online gambling or betting is still permissible.

Some organizations might take advantage of this grey area of the law and start untrustworthy online betting sites to scam people and steal personal data. To avoid falling into this trap and stay on the right side of the law, here are some things to look out for in an online betting site:

  • Ensure the site accepts Indian currency:  The Federal Exchange Administration Act makes it illegal to swap the Indian rupee for a different currency outside a currency exchange or bank. As a result, it becomes important for online bookies to allow Indian currency as a wagering payment option.
  • Review your state’s Gambling Laws: Before beginning your online betting experience, it’s also a good idea to examine your state’s gaming legislation. Online betting is illegal in some states, for example, Telangana in India, but it is legal in Sikkim.
  • Data security and taxes: Some betting sites require personal data for verification, like a PAN card. However, no one will have access to it, including online sports books or the government. But you must pay taxes if you win any money through online betting. You should report the amount earned from internet betting when submitting your taxes. This helps to prove that the website is legitimate and is legally allowed to operate in your region.9 Legendary Stadiums Around The World Every Cricket Lover Should Visit

Structure and working of Indian betting laws

India’s legislative powers are separated into two (the state and center) as stated in the Constitution of India of 1950. The Seventh schedule permits the states complete power and control over their region to enact gambling laws as they see fit.

Several states in India have adopted the Public Gambling act of 1867, a statute still in effect. However, other states came up with their unique legislation to regulate and manage gambling. A majority of state laws were enacted during the pre-internet period, and thus they mostly govern gambling done on physical premises.

Casino games, both online and land-based, are governed by state laws. However, there are exemptions for sports or games that use the skill. The courts have recognized these games as legitimate activities or businesses and are constitutionally protected. However, betting based on games requiring no skill and just chance will attract reprimand from Gaming Laws.


The Indian Premier League is fast approaching, and many people will take this chance to join online betting sites for a chance to win. However, it would be best if you also looked at the legality of the betting site you wish to join, as stated in this article. It’s always better to be on the right side of the law than face the consequences of ignorance. Hopefully, this article has provided you with a detailed outlook of the legal confines of India’s betting trends.

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